Wanna look inside nuclear institute?

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  Have you ever heard about Vinča? It is a small place near Belgrade, with an amazing nuclear research center -   The Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences.  

  It has been founded in 1948 by professor Pavle Savić, a physicochemist. He supervised whole construction of institutes and laboratories inside and during all that time he was living in a farm and sleeping on straw. The main restaurant in the nuclear center is named "Pavle" in his honor. 

Professor Pavle Savic was one of the most remarkable Serbian scientists, and I think that my next blog will be only about his life. But until then, let us go back to the Vinča Institute. It is a big complex with main research done in a field of physics, chemistry, and biology. There are 16 departments in total. For more information about departments click here

As a student, we had a couple of group visits to Vinca Institute. I loved everything there- I don't even know is there enough words to describe all those amazing, super smart people I met.  As a place itself, it is really nice, quiet, a lot of green space, amazing departments, and much good equipment.  

All photos are taken by me.

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