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Hello there, just wanted to give what to expect for the vaccine
This is specific to pfizer vaccine

  1. First shot, just an injection site pain for the first day,little tired for the next day, but everything seemed ok. But started having heart palpitation , went to the doc to checkout and apparently it is one of the listed side effects. The first dose primes the body's immune system and some people might have varied side effects including chill's ,fever,body ache,higher heart rate and may be even palpitations. Exactly after 10 days palpitations went away. Probably the immune response was over by 10th day. some people might even had a heart racing event, As long as it subsides quickly it should be ok.

  2. Second dose was after 21 days. I was advised to drink plenty of water before and after the shot by my physician. Got the shot and didnt feel anything was fine for the next 12 hrs. T+12 , I woke up from sleep, chills, shivering, fever and body ache. Tried not to take any medicine, so that it doesnt tamper the immune response. CDC advise its ok to take pain killers and fever reducers after the shot, but not before. But logically you are trying to tamper down the immune system with the medication. t+18 hrs, couldnt take pain and chills any more, so took 600mg tynelol , got minor relief. T+22, was feeling really bad and finally had to take ibprufen 400mg. Felt really better... things started to improve. I had to take another tynelol at t+31 hrs and then took 200mg ibprufen before going to bed t+38hrs. I felt much better, the next day I felt little bit of chest congestion and difficulty breathing for few hrs and then everything got better. By the 3rd day I am back to normal. So the immune response for me came in waves, probably in some way similar to actual covid symptoms..

From all the scientific studies and given 100s of millions of people are already vaccinated with mRNA vaccines world wide, I would do recommend anyone to take it when given the opportunity