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RE: Possible Tipping Points in the Earth's Climate

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Thanks must go to @bloom who brought me here by downvoting my content on this subject. Personally I am not in the habit of downvoting that which I don't agree with, but we are all free of course to vote as we choose.

Having read your article I am curious to know if you believe there is a connection between sun spot cycles and the colder periods on Earth?

Personally I believe we are moving into an ice age no matter what we do or don't do. So, in my mind it is better to start learning to live off grid. And even if I am wrong, it will still be a valuable skill to learn.

I appreciate you sharing passionately, regardless of our different beliefs.


Thank you for your comment, I deeply appreciate your openness for other people's opinion and I am surely interested to hear your thoughts about it.

I am absolutely convinced that the cycles in the sun activity have undoubted influence on the earth's climate. Many previous climatic changes have been exactly correlated to those changes. It is indeed true, that the sun is decreasing in activity and that, according to these cycles, we would enter a cooler climate again. But the thing is that current trends in mean global temperature cannot be explained by the solar activity. There is an interesting study about this where they address the opposite trends between solar trends and global air temperature. here is a link to that article. If you can't see the content, Here is a wetransfer with the pdf file

So other forcings must be at play in order to explain current measured global trends. But then why do you think that we will still head towards a cold period?

And indeed depending on the expected future, different strategies will be best. While living off-grid is not necessarily ideal for the future I foresee, being independent and not relying on other large corporations is a lifestyle I can only endorse!

Appriciate the link. I will study it with interest as I am really just trying to understand this subject as best I can. Rather than try to explain my current understanding here I would encourage you to take a look at the article I wrote:

It was interesting to read the many comments under the post. Strange don't you think that almost everyone is in agreement with my prognosis? Perhaps of course, my followers on steem are just a conspiratorial bunch who enjoy challenging the status quo, or perhaps there really is something to this?

Either way, it is my mission now to get as close to the truth as I can! I have two small children and knowing what to expect for their future is very important to me.

Thank you for being polite with me. Only the best people are able to politely discuss a subject they don't agree with.

Dear @samstonehill,

I would recommend to read through the following web pages:

In regards to sun spots: This will just be a much much smaller effect than overall global warming...
but you will find it all very properly explained on those web pages...

in regards to @bloom .. I understand your feelings.. however you have to see that people as him and me who for decades try to bring global warming science to the public just feel tired of hearing the same wrong claims by non scientists (the sources you are referring to are either not written by climate scientists or long outdated )over and over again..
also I have to give you credit that you made a very nice post...
maybe you find the links useful and let them impact your knowledge base a bit.. as you seem to be a caring and engaged person...
You have however a point in aiming for an independent living style...
the first thing you could do: Install a solar PV array.. and get independent from you dirty power supplier...

Thank you, it is indeed nice to have civil conversations like this when two people do not have the same points of view. I have read to post already quickly, but I'll go through it and give my honest thoughts.
I must admit that I am also susceptible to the confirmation bias, where one tends to read what only confirms his beliefs, so It's a good practice to be open to other's points of view.