If you want to work in steemit regularly. I have opened a Whatsapp group. Group name Upvote for upvote. We want to create this group with 50 persons only. Everyday in our every post we can get 50 upvote. If you like my idea please join my Group.

Group link
Group Rules :

  1. We have to be honest to group.
  2. We will use Zulu time. what is Zulu time you have to know.
  3. Everyday we will give 3 post and we have to complete 3 post within 1600 Zulu time to 1800 zulu time.
  4. We have to complete upvote with comment within 1800 zulu time to nexday 1800 Zulu time.
  5. In every post we have to use date with serial in title.
    For example : 18(1)-
    in which we can upvote with comment according date and serial.
  6. For giving upvote with comment we will enter profile link by serially and we will give upvote with comment.
  7. For joining new person please send your profile link if you be interested to work with us.
  8. Inactive person not allow in this group.
  9. We have to follow each other.

Wao... this only i can say...