Amazing Facts : Ancient alligators which had long legs and run faster than dinosaurs, also ate them

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Imagine an alligator with long four legs and runs faster than dogs. Am I crazy ? Probably not. But, this species is now extinct. They lived in the Jurassic Period. The name of this amazing creature is "Galloping crocodile". Yes, "Galloping", because they could run faster than modern dogs. It existed 100 million years ago. And also they preyed on some kinds of small dinosaurs! 

The most attractive features of Galloping crocodiles are their bone structure. After made research on their bones structure scientists said that they were efficient swimmers but that when they clambered ashore they were also capable of galloping across the plains. But, modern crocodiles crawl on their bellies because their legs sprawl out to the side. 

The fossils of this primitive crocodiles are now discovered in North Africa by a group of fossil hunters. Most of the fossils was discovered in the year of 2001. Hans Larsson, a paleontologist at the University of Montreal, who took part in the expedition which was sponsored by National Geographic, wrote -

 "We were surprised to find so many species from the same time in the same place. Each of the crocs apparently had different diets, different behaviours. It appears they had divided up the ecosystem, each species taking advantage of it in its own way." 

Three species of Galloping crocodile existed in the Jurassic age. They are - Kaprosuchus saharicus,  Laganosuchus thaumastos &  Araripesuchus rattoides. All these crocodiles ate dinosaurs.

Kaprosuchus saharicus : This species of Galloping crocodile was 6-7 metre (21 feet) long, had three sets of very sharp tusks and an armoured snout for ramming its prey. This species was extremely agile. It could run faster than modern age dogs. Also its nose was soft looks like as dog's nose. They lived nearby rivers & swamps.

Kaprosuchus saharicus 

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Laganosuchus thaumastos :  This species was similar in size of Kaprosuchus saharicus. But, the shape of its head was flat like as pancake. This type of species lived in shallow waters. They preyed on fishes and small dinosaurs by ambushing in water.

Laganosuchus thaumastos 

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Araripesuchus rattoides : This species was smaller in size, only 1 metre long.It had also long legs and could run faster. It had a pair of buckteeth in its lower jaw to dig for grubs. They lived on small creatures like as -- little dinosaurs, insects & roots.

Araripesuchus rattoides

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Paul Sereno, a paleontologist at the University of Chicago, in National Geographic Magazine wrote -

 "My African crocs appeared to have had both upright, agile legs for bounding overland and a versatile tail for paddling in water. These species open a window on a croc world completely foreign to what was living on northern continents." 

Thanks God !!! All of these devil creatures are now extinct !!

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