Today I Learned - Fire is Plasma

in science •  7 months ago

Electric Volcano

Something New Every Day

I've been doing research on electricity. To get back into tinkering with Tesla coils and plasma balls. I've been taking it back to basics, what is voltage, amperage, power. While studying the fundamental circuits schematics and parts as well. As I watched the video below the creator mentioned the definition of plasma and that fire is a low-temperature plasma. I had never thought about it before, even though it was explained thoroughly it was short as a lead up to the main topic of the video.

I am still amazed that I never put the idea together. fire=plasma but I guess you learn something every day. That opens up new thoughts on how charged particles in a fire can interact with a magnetic field and so much more.

Learn More

There are a lot of interesting topics in the video. titled "How to Make Plasma, and Vacuum Devices"

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