The Hidden Roots: What No One Has Told You About Why We Become Diseased And Die (And What May Be Limiting The Development Of "Superhuman" Potentials)...

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Call this theory if you will.

While science is pretty badass and has enabled us to create a lot of marvels, it has its limits. Namely, we still don't have all the means to prove what science is there to be unveiled. As such, Truths may be presented - yet in the eyes of conventional institutional science, amount to no more than "hypothesis" because the tools to measure these new dimensions of scientific realms do not exist yet.

Nonetheless, just because we don't know how to prove something with the limited means at hand doesn't mean it's not true. In time, all those formal verifications will come. In the meantime, a few must risk the inevitable resistances and challenges of speaking out what can't yet be backed by science's limited methodologies in order for certain insights and Truths to spread such that it eventually will be.

What you read herein, you've probably never heard before.

Yet, this is insight that shall profoundly transform entire fields of neuroscience, psychology, biochemistry, human performance, and beyond. For centuries, man has sought the "holy grail" of eternal youthfulness and superhuman powers - diving deeper into the sciences in hopes of finding exactly what makes man tick and how to take control over the human body and brain for our own constructive benefit.

This is as close as it fucking gets. Seriously.

This will only be grazing the surface of a much deeper and broader body of knowledge wherein the "secrets" to the architecture of reality itself - man, the conscious observer and creator in the center seat - are revealed level-by-level to those who undergo the process.

With all that context established, here we go...

Photo credit: Daniel Martin Diaz

In all man's quests to understand the fundamental reasons for disease - and even death itself - he has overlooked one critical domain, wherein the answers he craves lie:


Really, our modern-day doctors and scientists know infinitesimally little about exact how the dynamics of memory function in the integrated brain-body-genetic human vehicle.

Yet it is within these dynamics which the keys to unlocking our greatest potential - health, infinite intelligence, exponential performance enhancement, and perhaps even immortality - lie.

Simply put, our body-brain-genetic systems are memory processors and storage centers.

We input mass amounts of data - vibrational, chemical, emotional, informational, and sensory - process these different forms of energy through conversion circuits interlinking DNA, cellular protein synthesis, neurotransmissions, and brainwaves - and store these energies (both processed and unprocessed) simultaneously in our genetic coding and cellular tissue.

Here is the key...

Both processing and storage require energy.

Typically, more than is extracted and reintegrated into the system through the processing.

Day-by-day, as we use up more energy for storage than is converted for functional reuse, our energy levels deplete.

Consequentially, there is less and less energy available for fuelling the body's innate healing mechanisms. Senses begin to dull as there is less energy available to process input. The body descends further into survival mode, conserving its depleting energy reserves for basic functions until its systems break down and are unable to self-repair due to the lack of resources to regenerate healthily.

As Nas rhymed on Illmatic, Life's a bitch and then you die."

Of course, this is a highly simplified overview - and there are also infinite complexities as to how different diseases correspond systematically to the precise coding within a person's (genetic) memory system. However, at the core, this is the foundational principle at root of understanding disease, declining human performance, and death:

Our bodies are outdated, the equivalent of an old first-generation personal computer from the 80's: incapable of the processing power required to keep up with our daily flow of information input, too slow to run the conversions on incoming memory to free up the energy required to fully self-regenerate our physical bodies healthily and access the levels of senses & abilities possible were processing power and energy abundant.

Within this framework, lie profound potentials.

For starters, a solutions-based approach to the challenges of the bodies' innate limitations on processing power and storage capacity could begin to preemptively create the conditions for increasing energy to healthily regenerate and self-heal - as well as process memory at root of disease.

Though beyond that... well, this is an entirely new domain.

What some have envisioned as cloud-based memory uploading is on the way - if not already here, awaiting to come to market. However, it may not come in the form of biosynthesis with some computer interface - though there are companies, scientists, and organizations working in that direction. Rather, what may come as an alternative is a completely different quantum system operating on networks of brainwaves already connecting the human bodies.

Considering possibilities of distributed, quantum-cloud-based processing power and memory storage - that infrastructural component may only the foundational layer for the development of applications for the human consciousness itself.

If that seems difficult to comprehend, it kind of is. Though at one time decades or centuries prior to the internet, if you had told people of the capabilities of what would come via its arrival and expansion into societal & cultural integration as it has today, people would probably look at you pretty oddly then too, unable to comprehend.

The field of epigenetics has been uncovering how external vibrational input alters our genetic code. And genetic modification technologies such as CRISPR are paving the way to programming genetic code in a lab. Yet, there are still yet realms to be explored as to how we may more directly tap into the quantum networks within which our DNA acts similarly to a receiver/transmitter and develop the abilities and capabilities to consciously interact with and direct the programming languages used within the architecture of creation itself to intentionally direct the projections of what is processed and extracted through our active memory.


The majority of mankind believes themselves to have only 5 senses, which pick up and translate a very narrow band of frequencies in comparison to the broader spectrum of what others exist simultaneously in the same space which they do not perceive...

Though what if the reason most people don't perceive what lies within different spectrums not because our brains/bodies don't have the potential to, but because the senses have not been activated - or most don't have the energy & processing power to convert additional data beyond what our bodies prioritize for survival needs?

Combine the conscious connection into a quantum network of distributed processing power and memory storage, with the potential for expanded senses and abilities to perceive frequency spectrums outside "the norm," plus the prospect of what types of programming could take place with access to control the dynamics of how memory is encoded, processed, and extracted out into the experience of reality...

Well, it's a fascinating ride ahead, we're in for...

Photo credit: Android Jones

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A memory / DNA connection has never occurred to me. Is there any research being done on this? Fascinating.

as I've begun introducing it here specifically, not to my knowledge in the mainstream, though much exploration and development under the radar.

in the mainstream, in different regards, yes. i.e.:

Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram

DNA could store all of the world's data in one room

This reminds me of what used to be taught in school: "DNA contains mostly useless junk. Oh hey everyone, we cracked the human genome!" -- whatever.

This started off good, and with the imagery I thought you were about to present something very nice. Great writing, it's entertaining; however, these are a bunch of fancy words to describe something simple.

And where's your solution? Here's the solution: eat the food that your human vehicle was designed to run on--which is raw fruits and starchless veggies. Get off those cooked drug foods as much as possible. Taking action on these suggestions will increase your bio photon levels and regain your 6th sense. THAT is the fundamental key to health and regeneration. Everything else is wordy bull shit. Check out my story:

Besides, what's so futuristic about this?

The only reason people's minds are blown here is because they're addicted to technology / science fiction instead of REALITY. I say it because it's true. Wanna get your mind blown? Stop falling for all of the food marketing, stop eating that bull shit, and eat a natural diet of raw fruits and starchless veggies. Or at least follow the people who have done it such as myself, John Rose, Dr. Robert Morse, @wizardofraw , etc.

One thing about consciousness that scientist are now discovering is that consciousness is not produced by the brain. One should using google scholar search for the following tittle and see for themselves.


I don't think we are going to interface consciousness through a physical medium attached to the body.

Rupert Sheldrake is the man on this one!

Indeed very good post i realize that it seems like many readers don't understand much of what your talking about because this is deep. Its bad enough we have lost the use of our higher frequency senses. For example if we had build the pyramids how is it not possible for us to even replicate a small one without having problems. The pyramids where build so perfect it as barely sank 1 inch into the ground from it was made while the greatest civil engineer of our time cant build 1 thing that wont sink within years of building. We are so lacking right now that only a very few choosen knows how to harness the power of the spirit because we only believe in what we can see and touch. I love science. Your post stired me up bro. Thank you.

Your welcome. :-)

Interesting read, i would not call this a theory, but a conception...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good post @rok-sivante!
Hope you follow-up this post more in details. :)

Possibilities in many/any ways are infinite because in my belief there are infinities and finite as well. Its my point of view and understanding base on my knowledge, experience and faith. Entities are unique in relation with each other but in some way/s they have ways/things in common.

My goal is actually to hit at least 101 years since my existence before I'll left this finite being/body. Can I go beyond this? I don't know. I have unlimited and limited powers as well. Don't take the word power as the comic powers, I'm beyond those powers LOL!

So what's the point here? Deaths and diseases harm our limited being/body but not our infinite being, not our soul/spirit/energy. If we fight death or diseases that cause death, can we win? Maybe not this time, not our time. Who knows? But, remember if there is one, there is two, there is three and there is infinity and there is beyond that, I call it 'Beyond Focus', 'The Almighty'. Why there is force, a single force, combined forces? Are all these imaginations? My powers are depleting now LOL!

Please correct all my errors lol!

Shall be following up more on these topics as time progresses, surely.

Correct your errors...? haha. I appreciate your humbless, though not sure where it'd be my position to pick apart any of what you've written to frame any as such... you pose questions and viewpoint, none of which might be inherently flawed... kinda overwhelmed with the request. Lol.

Our brain potential is so untap. We are only using a fraction of its capability. Imagine if we can unlock this and really experience our brain potential . A fascinating ride indeed....

t'is possible. just not near mainstream yet...

There's a reason the ancient Egyptians threw away the brain and put emphasis on the heart. They're so stupid, right? I guess stupid is what we need to build pyramids :D (Look into HeartMath Institute.)

I really appreciate authentic and inquisitive posts like this and I really look forward to seeing more of your content in the future. I just followed you, and I hope you'll do the same so we can connect and continue to evolve and learn from each other! Remember, be yourself, because nobody else does it better -- Full #Steem ahead @rok-sivante :)

Much ❤

Followed. Your website is intriguing, and some interesting stuff on your Medium blog... :-)

and that is why humans reproduce and pass on information ..

Utterly fascinating! And not something most people talk about. I've always wondered if our end is really an end. I truly believe and hope that I'm right to believe that there is life after our physical death. That there is what one might call soul/energy/spirit that moves out of a deceased body but doesn't go out of existence altogether.

Science is yet to find answers to many many things, the "facts". But, just because we are yet to reach there through experimentation and analysis doesn't mean we should write off such beliefs until the day science acknowledges it.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across your post. I totally agree with your viewpoint that we probably don't perceive certain things yet because our senses are not yet activated to do so. Also, your line of thinking about "memory" is totally new to me... and very thought provoking! Thanks for the knowledge @rok-sivante.

your welcome. and surely more to come... ;-)

Awesome! I look forward to more. :)

Very interesting article which get to to think a lot about this subject. Something about it feels right. Will have to do a bit more research into this. Thank you for posting.

Your welcome.

Unfortunately, there really isn't much publicly available to research on this yet - t'is probably years ahead of its time and where most science is at, and may likely take years to infiltrate the awareness of those doing research who could most benefit from the integration of it into their work - though I'd bw happy to be wrong about that...

Mind. Blown.
Your thought: "what if the reason most people don't perceive what lies within different spectrums not because our brains/bodies don't have the potential to, but because the senses have not been activated" << this is a fascinating idea. I have trouble even comprehending what other senses might be available - maybe growing empath ability??
I was also 'floored' by @masoncerritos comment about the continuity of our consciousness. Good stuff.

Not really possible to understand until experienced for oneself... ;-)

There are many super-human abilities that our bodies are hiding from us. These abilities range from Extra Sensory Perceptions, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Super strength, Super Pain Tolerance, Bullet Time, and many more. But we are just limited by our brains in the exploration of these abilities

Not really "hiding" - more just a matter of they have not yet been activated, or most are early on in the process of unlocking access...

I concur that the body isn't "hiding" them. YOU have destroyed them from eating dead foods. You're welcome! :D #truth

As they say, "every problem looks like a nail when you've got a hammer in your hands."

And when you've nailed that problem with the proper tool, you are rewarded with sweet, rapid success and results :) That is my experience with the fundamental health knowledge I've gained, witnessed, and experienced.

Wow. That was an amazing down the rabbit hole read. Totally following you!'

Surface barely scratched... ;-)

Thanks for this perspective @rok-sivante it resonates with me and correlates with what I have been pursuing myself recently. I believe that the reason for the deficiency in energy as you have described is due to us being in this three-dimensional form and forgetting how to breath Prana and how to consume light. The reasons behind us forgetting these concepts that are necessary in order for us to maximize the strength of our physical body - light body connection and thus access to our full potential is up for discussion, but the heart of the issue is that the energy source that fuels our conscious evolution and allows us to gain access to extrasensory perceptions beyond the basic 5 physical senses is not food, water or air.

The energy source has been known for all of human history and called by different names such as Prana or Chi, or more recently Energy, Bio-Energy, Vital Energy, or whatever you want to call it. This energy exists and is real regardless of one's ability to perceive it with their 5 senses, much like gravity. This source is the only power great enough to replete the body, brain and consciousness with the energy you perfectly described we are deficient in.

I have been putting conscious effort and focus into remembering how to breath Prana, and the more I practice it, the more awareness and comprehension I gain of senses and perceptions beyond the 5 physical. As you explained, the reason everyone doesn't have access to perceptions beyond the physical is not because they don't exist or that they aren't capable, it's simply that they don't have sufficient energy to supply the faculties.

In addition to breathing the breath of Prana, I find the concept of consuming light as nourishment very fascinating. Specifically, the work of Fritz Albert Popp and his research on Biophoton emission. It is my belief that we do not consume food at all, as in physical nutrients. What we actually consume and use as energy are the Biophotons that are emitted from the food that we consume.

Your analysis here is the why behind it that ties it all together. Looking forward to going deeper.

Breath is one part of the puzzle, indeed, and can be used as a training protocol for the brain to increase its memory processing capacity. T'is all a bit of a complex system, though you definitely are thinking in the right direction to start...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm convinced that our bodies were built to last a lot longer, but we currently have very limited communication with our bodies' intelligence (which is sometimes called the "innate"). Currently, muscle testing is probably the most common and reliable way people communicate with this intelligence, but this is changing.

Our bodies are not currently operating at their full potentials when it comes to health and immunity. When we access this potential, diseases that used to outsmart our immune systems no longer pose a challenge, and aging slows or stops.

This is related to something I posted last night about why humans must relearn basic survival with every life.

And this Q&A touches on many relevant aspects:

I'm convinced that our bodies were built to last a lot longer, but we currently have very limited communication with our bodies' intelligence


Awesome pics, yes we are electromagnetic beings, yet we currently only perceive 2% of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is because two thirds of aur collective genetics is in the off position. I have turned 40% of my genes on via the great work, this allowed me to achieve time travel on several occasions, everyone has this capablity and more but it remains dormant until we seek beyond the status quo on aur awn. Most of the higher teachings are only available after experiencial progress, fortunately this universe is aur teacher. Here is a tip, the devil within us all, we must face one day, until then all is preparation, most who face the devil within do not live to tell the story, those who do live often go insane, but for those who conquer the devil through knowledge of true light, they will live forever.

hmm... I bet you got some good stories - hope to read some of them here soon... :-)

Thanks for the read! Just thought I would chime in:

Information as medicine is the medicine of the future, to quote Lynne Mactaggart who wrote a book called The Field. Our physical body can forget how to maintain, repair and heal over time due to trauma (emotional, mental, environmental, nutritional, physical, spiritual…). Just like computer "software" can develop "bugs and errors", affecting/controlling the computer "hardware", so can our "physical body" be affected by virtual mental/emotional informational "conflict shocks"…

Energy is part of the equation, In-for-mation is another. We already are a cloud based "quantum" being… our memories are already stored in THE quantum FIELD, that we access continually and subconsciously… cloud based computing is just rediscovering the true nature of our physical being connected to the universe. Information as medicine takes healing to another level. A great read in this area is Decoding The Human Body Field. The premiss: "Energy and Information control and maintain Biology". A good movie/doco to watch is The Living Matrix. These people are way ahead of their time in this area of discovery… Perhaps block chain tech is part of the evolution of that discovery on a technological/infrastructure level?


Your welcome. And thank you for chiming in!

YES. You are on point.

This is much the same as what I'm getting into - though approached from a different angle, in a slightly different cultural language that I've been coming from with it.

Your comment is gold. I've been getting so much into the depths of these dynamics and have been in conflict of how to simplify it into practical language - and this really helps to draw it back into other conversations taking place on the same matters, that'd be a great connection point to tailor some of these concepts into more refined presentations suitable to such others' approaches - wherein we could effectively add alot of value, as they've already got the foundational knowledge and understanding of the conceptual frameworks.

I've seen some of this stuff years ago - about time to revisit. Looks great.

And indeed, blockchain is intertwined.

This input to the discussion very much appreciated... :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Your welcome Rok. Thanks for the reply. Just thought I would suggest some sign posts (information) that may enhance and embellish your journey toward re-discovering the true nature of our human potential. If you watch The Living Matrix doco, linked in my previous comment, a new perspective may be added to your passionate bow of investigation and re-discovery... and help with linking the essence of Human Intent with healing. Perhaps intent helps guide electrons and other sub-atomic particles that we humans are comprised of?... The double slit experiment may be a clue... where just observing the experiment changes the behaviour of the electrons! A quick googled link here.

Resteemit for others to follow along with, Thank You for sharing this!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

cool, thanks for the tipoff...

Haven't seen you around for a while, glad to see you again. I'm healing from an "incurable" "chronic" back problem which would "eventually require surgery" with my own hands and a tennis ball. Whether it is clearing the qi channels or helping blood flow to aid the body in healing itself, it's working.

I think it's time to explore from the inside, some of that "ancient wisdom" and whatnot. The real amazin stuff will not come from marketable technologies but in the exploration of consciousness. Imagine kids who learn to meditate from a young age and are exposed to certain ideas early on, not considered crazy for some of the natural insight that older generations were ridiculed are starting to have that. Imagine us with our so called advanced lifestyles but free of the dirt in our diets and entertainment, and free from religious dogma but able to explore religious ideas without the same restrictive mindset. I think some really exciting things are going to come out of nowhere, it won't be scientific at first but the science will catch up.