Human body has enough DNA to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back, 17 times

in science •  3 years ago 

The genetic code in each human cell, contains 23 DNA moleculas.

Each of them contains 500 000 to 2.5mio nucleotide pairs, wich eachs size are 1.7 to 8.5cm long, average 5cm long.

37 trillion cells are in the human body, so the length of all DNA would be long enough to go 17 times to pluto and back.

If you just can imagine, how the human body can cointains such a length in it, just amazing.

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I recall reading an article about using DNA as a storage medium for data. I think Microsoft were involved in financing the experiments. Coding and decoding were slow, but theoretical storage density were immense.

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interesting,from that i have never heard,but i will reasearch it