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Wow what does this gene mean? any ideas, how curious upvoted.

Indeed, what information does it have?

This gene carries information that is not present anywhere else

I was asking to myself the very same question :)

It likely doesn't do anything. Could be there for a variety of reasons (maybe its a left over sequence from a transposable element or something).

Hello! Your curiosity made me research a little more and it is even better than I stated in the post.

"It was discovered, not so long ago, that the Lusitanians, ancestors of the Portuguese, owned two unique genes that are not found anywhere else in the world, except in Portugal.
• A25-BIS-DR2
• A26-B38-DR13
A26-B38-DR13 is the most ancient gene of mankind and A25-BIS-DR2 is a very rare one also found only in Portugal and its descendants abroad.
This was a discovery which brought a lot of attention in the world of genetics and racial studies. According to it, it was able to prove the Portuguese have the oldest genetic code in the world.
In short words, it proves the Portuguese are not of Mediterranean origin"

Still nobody can explain my superpowers ;)

Indeed, however that still doesn't tell us whether that region codes for a particular protein, or if it is just a unique DNA section but does not encode anything special. That is what I would be curious to find out!

Thanks for looking into this a bit further, its quite an interesting piece of info!

Thats so interesting thank you.

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