Imitation or Effect chameleon!

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In many opportunities, we get talking with a relative or friend and when we react we realize that we are repeating some gesture that this person is doing, just as we assume certain attitudes and behaviors of the social group to which we belong; It should not be worrisome for us, since it is more normal than we can believe.

This behavior that we develop, is due to the Mirror Neurons, which begin to do their function when we observe another individual carry out an action or when we perform it. These neuronal functions are related to empathy and the desire we have to be admitted or able to integrate into a social group; like different animals, when they are in an environment that is not the one that really belong and decide to imitate a different species, to be accepted and go unnoticed to avoid being attacked, humans do not differ from them.

When we see a person yawning, laughing out loud, crying or just running his hand through his hair, we can not stop imitating that action; since the mirror neurons help us to have social, imitative and empathic behaviors with our peers. However, it can be noted that these behaviors are going to be carried out mostly with people related to us, our own culture, etc.

That is why, when we are still children, we begin to imitate our parents (depending on our sex) in their attitudes and behaviors, it is not because they do not "impose" them (it is enough to blame them) it is because we have these neuronal connections, which are active from the moment of our birth, which make us project a chameleon effect.

The Neuronas Espejo, also help us to empathize with other people by infecting their emotions and feelings, to put ourselves in their "shoes" at the moment of being empathetic and not to see ourselves as insensitive beings. Just as they help us to be happier or sadder beings, it depends on the "contagion" that you allow yourself to have.

It is for that reason friend, that in many opportunities they will see us as "great imitators" or "thieves of personalities", but we try as much as possible to take behaviors of our best influences so that our performance in life is worthy of a prize of the academy.

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