Traveling through time: Can we actually go back to the past or jump into the future ?!

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I developed a new habit. I started to sit with myself and go back in time to the day I entered school. I started imagining if I was a small child but I kept my current mind.
I would excel in all the materials. I will impress everyone. I will avoid a lot of positions, rewrite my past, and remove everything that makes me tagged, this sounds pathetic, is not it?! But what if we could actually get back in time, or were we able to travel to the future, would not that be interesting and exciting?
This has always been a science fiction theme. This article will put an end to your curiosity about travel over time and may answer your questions. Whether you are a fan of this theory or not, this article will be a good addition to your knowledge stocks. Therefore, continue reading.

One scientist says that we always travel through time, but in one direction only, we inevitably move for one second at a time into the future, and we can go faster if we want to.
"In fact, we can advance to the future as much as we want, it's a matter of speed, very high speed."
Paul , an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, told Space, where he began with evidence from Albert Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, which shows that time is relative and depends on how fast you move. Your movement has been slower over time.
Scientists have been able to measure this by atomic clocks in the jet aircraft, and the measurement accuracy is provided by the GPS system. In general, according to science fiction, it seems to always require sophisticated means to jump in time, but in fact all you need is a very large missile.
This means that astronauts. For example, have already become travelers over time. That's because they go to space and live in the ISS, sometimes spending several months at a time. The astronauts on the space station move faster than Earth, at about 5 miles (8 kilometers) per second, meaning that the astronauts at the station are a little slower than they were on the planet.
When astronaut Scott Kelly returned after spending a year in space, the age gap with his older twin, Mark, great only a few minutes.

Many science fiction interests revolve around time travel to the past. Such travel raises many questions, such as whenever you can come back in time and stop getting a bad event. Sutter pointed out that the physics of our universe seems to prevent this from happening, at least as much as we can see and understand, but surprisingly some of Einstein's equations of general relativity may allow time to go back to the past. Space-time distortion, which we feel as we feel attractive.

So how can Einstein's theory make time travel possible? Well, one way is to break the maximum cosmic speed and move faster than the speed of light, but this is scientifically flawed because the body that goes so fast will have an unlimited mass, and the other possibility is a "dorsal hole" between points in space-time. There are more exotic possibilities, such as the use of black holes, massive cylinders or cosmic strings to play with space-time fabric.

When it comes to the past, the mathematics of general relativity allows some strange scenarios to be obtained, through which you can end up in your past, but all of these scenarios endually end up with other well-known physics bugs, To the past, while other physics always jump to spoil the fun? We sincerely do not know.
But this does not mean that scientists give up. In 2015, Ali Ogun of the Eastern Mediterranean University of Cyprus said that holes may be possible in areas with dark matter. This is a theoretical form of material that can not be seen or sensed by telescopes, but it shows itself in its effects Gravitational on other objects. His equations show that worm holes can occur in these areas. Ogun says he is still looking for evidence, saying all he has to do is purely on a mathematical guide only, and one day he hopes to be able to find direct empirical evidence.

Even famous physicist Stephen Hawking has been stuck by the idea of ​​traveling through time before his death this year, when he debated in the Daily Mail how the black hole could make it possible.
The idea of ​​travel over time will remain theoretical at least for the time being. This is what we can deduce after reading the article. Although scientists believe it is possible to travel through time, they still can not prove it with compelling evidence. All they have is a set of equations Supports this theory but does not really prove it.

I think you have to wait for a long time, maybe you can go back in time and expect a pre-school sports event, and you bet on it to win big sums to buy your dream car and live the luxury you dream, or recommend your grandchildren to take you back to the future if you miss it Over time will become available in their time.

In the end, it's not as simple as Stowe Griffin shows us in Family Guy. You can not build a time machine and put it in your room to go on an adventure whenever you wish.


Accordong to Science and Scientists, We can go in future, but for past we doesn't have any solid theory.

There is a phenomena called as TIME DILATION which can help us to go in future.But for this ad you mention, we have to move around with speed of light which is just impossible for now.

But in future, with the advancement in technology it can be possible.

You can search some theories that clams time doesn't exist ;) so no going to the future nor coming back.
Thanks for your comment.