The world was very lucky last weekend - asteroid passed the earth quite close

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I'm quite interested in everything that has to do with the universe. But I learned just today what happened last weekend.

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An asteroid passed the earth closely.

The asteroid with a diameter of 48 to 110 meters (157 - 361 feed) passed with only half the distance to the moon our planet.
Catalina Sky Survey is automatically searching the sky for such kind of objects but recognized it only some hours before it passed by.
The asteroid is called „2018 GE3“ is much bigger than the one that exploded above Tscheljabinsk (Russia) in 2013.
The reason why it was discovered only hours before a possible impact is that the asteroid - compared to other cosmic objects - is quite small and dark. If it reflects only little light it's difficult to discover.
Also, an object near to earth moves relatively quickly compared to other objects in the universe.
All these components make it hard to see the object early, which makes me somehow nervous :).

All this was reported by the Minor Planet Center.

Even they missed discovering this one on time (whatever on time might be) NASA is confident to know about 90% of all asteroids bigger than 140 meters (460 feet).
Well - I know people hoping to win the lottery with a chance of 1:139,838,160 ... here we have a chance of 1:10 that they fail. With a chance of 1:10 I would play the lottery!

What do you think? Are asteroids a threat to mother earth? Are we prepared?

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Bro, you know how far is the moon from earth? half that distance is so far for an asteroid to impact the earth, but nice fact btw.



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"Armageddon" the movie. I think that they are not a threat to mother earth. We have to much fire power that we can destroy our planet, so one asteroid who is 400 000 times smaller is nothing.


Let's hope we will never need to find out :)


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Yes i think asteroids are threat to our mother earth becasue they are very fast moving objects and u mentioned that it is about 100 meters.if it strikes earth with that much speed it will definetly damage earth.this is my opinion. Thank you


I also think these asteroids are very destructive if they hit. Even if the chance might be small we should keep on searching for these objects.


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according to what i think, asteroids are just free moving object(a mini planet) in the solar system so therefore i don't think it is a treat and but trust me once any sky surveyors detect anyone is gonna collide with our earth we will definately be prepared even if it just hours left.


I hope you're right @christianolu but, to be honest, I doubt we are prepared.
What should they do if such an asteroid is spotted to hit us?


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