Dear Humans, Please Plant Trees Everywhere

in science •  10 months ago


Planting fruit trees is a great low cost solution to not only reversing "climate change" and cleaning air/water pollution but also feeding people/animals and creating shade from the sun! If lots of us humans just plant a few trees each, the work will seem very light and will benefit generations to come...

So Steemers, are y'all part of this tree planting movement yet?!


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You've done a great job by planting those trees! We as species definitely to plant more trees, instead of cutting them down.


yes we do! plant more & kill less trees!!

Wonderful post. I love trees!! I use Ecosia as my search engine to raise money to plant trees every time I look something up, too. Upvoted, resteemed, and followed you @ppplant


YeAh Sally!! Thank you, thank you, thank you (=