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Short Analysis: In 2006, Why Pluto Is Not a Planet? [BILLINGUAL]

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Why Pluto Is Not A Planet....?

Pluto discovered in 1930 enjoyed being ninth planet until 2006. With advanced telescopes, many more objects like Pluto were discovered. They all were found to be rotaring around the sun. Then there was question :

Whom Do We Call a Planet ?

Pluto is now a-dwarf planet. Dwarf planet are celestial bodies that only meet the first two citeria in the new definition of a planet. There are five dwarf planets. Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris Located beyond Neptune. The fifth dwarf planet, Ceres, lives in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. source!

In August 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) defined a "planet" :

In the solar system, a planet is a celestial body which :

  • Is in orbit around the sun.

  • Must be round.

  • Must have 'cleared the neighborhood' of this orbit.

Image Source

This means that as planet travels, it is gravity sweeps and clears the space around it of other objects. Some of the objects may crash into the planet, other may become moons. The Pluto follows the first two rules; It orbit the sun, It is round. It does not, however, follow the third rule. It has not yet cleared the neighborhood of its orbit space. Because it does not follow this rules, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

The moon of Pluto,Cheron, is too big for it. Rather than moon rotaring around the planet, they both rotate around a common point like a rotating dumbel. Pluto orbit is not outside Neptune's orbit. Sometimes Pluto is closer to the sun than Neptune. Also Pluto's orbit is not in the plane of other planets.


Image Source


Mengapa Pluto Bukanlah Planet ....?

Pluto ditemukan pada 1930 menikmati menjadi planet kesembilan hingga 2006. Dengan teleskop canggih, banyak objek seperti Pluto ditemukan. Mereka semua ditemukan berputar mengelilingi matahari. Lalu ada pertanyaan:

Apa Yang Layak Disebut Planet?

Pluto sekarang adalah planet kerdil. Planet kerdil adalah benda langit yang hanya memenuhi dua citeria pertama dalam definisi baru planet. Ada lima planet kerdil. Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, dan Eris Terletak di luar Neptunus. Planet kerdil kelima, Ceres, hidup di sabuk asteroid antara Mars dan Jupiter. sumber!

Pada bulan Agustus 2006, International Astronomical Union (IAU) mendefinisikan "planet":

Di tata surya, planet adalah benda angkasa yang:

  • Apakah mengorbit di sekitar matahari.

  • Harus bulat.

  • Harus 'membersihkan lingkungan' orbit ini.

Image Source

Ini berarti bahwa ketika planet berjalan, itu adalah gravitasi yang menyapu dan membersihkan ruang di sekitarnya dari objek lain. Beberapa benda mungkin menabrak planet, yang lain mungkin menjadi bulan. Pluto mengikuti dua aturan pertama; Ini mengorbit matahari, Ini bulat. Namun, tidak mengikuti aturan ketiga. Itu belum membersihkan lingkungan ruang orbitnya. Karena tidak mengikuti aturan ini, Pluto tidak lagi dianggap sebagai planet.

Bulan Pluto, Cheron, terlalu besar untuk itu. Alih-alih bulan berputar di sekitar planet, keduanya berputar di sekitar titik yang sama seperti dumbel berputar. Orbit pluto tidak berada di luar orbit Neptunus. Terkadang Pluto lebih dekat ke matahari daripada Neptunus. Juga orbit Pluto tidak berada di bidang planet lain.

..... dll ...

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