Thank You Science Podcast, episode #1

in #science3 years ago (edited)

I was at a business networking event last night when I met two of the people hosting this podcast.  My wife assumed the title is a pun on "Thank you Jesus," and their focus on yard signs as an advertising medium supports that hypothesis, but I didn't think to ask either of them about that.  Their first episode is up now on their website.  

 [image link]

It's an interview with a chemist who works with super-absorbent polymers.  That's cool, but there's a "bonus."  The chemist was also involved in a clinical trial at Wake Forest Baptist for one of the new monoclonal antibodies for his lymphoma.  He used the "opportunity" to immerse himself in the science of cancer as it related to his own treatment.

They've supposedly got three more episodes in the can but not posted yet.  I'm curious to see where they go with this, partially because I do science outreach myself, and partly because it seems that none of the hosts are scientists themselves, and they may take a very different approach than I would.

Tune in every other Monday for a new episode.

Thanks for reading!

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