Biochemistry Origins

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The word biochemistry is derived from the Greek words bios (life) and chimeía (to cast or pour together). It refers to the chemical changes by which life processes are carried on.

These chemical changes are effected by the union of organic substances with inorganic elements. In this way the different tissues of the body are formed and energy is obtained for the vital processes of breathing, moving, thinking, the circulation of blood etc.


Dr W H Schuessler, born in Oldenburg, Germany in 1821, may be the first to use the term "biochemistry", in reference to to curative potential of homeopathic cell salts. The term was used more widely by 1898, when it began to be used more widely to encompass the whole subject of physiological chemistry. Formal coinage of the word is thought to have been by another German chemist, Carl Neuberg in 1903. Neuberg is considered the father of modern biochemistry.



Very interesting. I used to know a person that was studying Chemistry in college. She was very good at Chemistry and had little trouble with it. Bio Chemistry was a totally different animal though. She struggled with it for a while. The concepts were similar but just different enough to make it harder to grasp. Nice post!

That's interesting. I wasnt aware of the origin of the term biochemistry. That was a nice quick little learning opportunity for me. A quick history lesson. Nice one!

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