The Origin

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A lazy morning once came, it was the ninth of April in the year 2012 when a dear friend sent an sms telling me that I passed the examination of a scholarship program. It was a government-funded STEM scholarship program, one of the most, sort of hardest scholarship programs that not all students can just simply enter.

At first, I didn’t know what to do. Will I avail it or ignore it and continue my finished plans for college?
Unfortunately, due to very reasonable matters especially our lack of money, I decided firmly to take it. I’ll challenge myself to take this thing.

Soon, I attended the orientation program and I took Physics. At that point, I had a thought of changing it to Mathematics but I wasn’t able to successfully changed it so that was it.

At that very moment, I have just entered an unexpected and very unusual thing, entering the world of science for I am more into the world of numbers and letters.

I didn’t know what to do. I can’t just simply waste an opportunity that not most people receive. I can’t just go and do whatever I want. I must think for everyone and not for myself only.

Hopefully, one day will come and I will tell myself this, “You did it! You had the greatest choice! You are amazing!.”

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