Beautiful but potential scary facts on our Planet Earth

in science •  10 months ago

I recently watched a great video with fascinating insights on our planet Earth.

Some material might be a refresher - but nonetheless a well put together video mash-up on the forces of our universe and some potential scary predictions on how our planet and universe may continue to evolve.

See here:

-- originate

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Most scary thing in the video:

...that voice... eeeeeerie

Why do we live?

That's is really scary but at the same time true because earth is dying slowly because of us :(

Amazing this video, but more frightening is that 99% of the population of this planet is unaware of this information.

I was aware of some of these facts previously, however point 7 is new for me. The sounds of the planets are incredible, like something out of a Alfred Hitchcock movie!!

too much scary... Only tree can save this planet :) Resteemed.

Nice pose brother.

Thank you for your good posting
Let's survive the earth as soon as possible!!!