The First Real Photo Of A Black Hole

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The science world is in great excitement, because 2 days ago the very first real photo of a black hole was taken and finally published. A world sensation! The scientists describe it with the words: Unbelievable! Massive! Black!

This is the first real black hole mankind has ever seen. All previous images of black holes were computer generated. They were created from people's fantasies, or rather they were depicted as they should look according to research and calculations.

The photo shows the supermassive black hole in the center of the giant galaxy Messier 87 and is about 55 million light years away from Earth. Just to clarify: 9.5 trillion km is one light year. M87 is 1500 times larger than the black hole in the center of our milky way and has a mass of more than six billion solar masses.

The project that made this photo possible is the Event Horizon Telescope. An association of eight radio telescopes distributed all over the world. This was the only way to get so close to such a distant object.

The black hole in the center of Messier 87 was observed over a very long period of time. Before the scientists were sure what they were seeing and what was happening there, researches and calculations were made again and again until the scientists were finally sure what they were seeing.

This photo and also the observation of this spectacular object proves that Albert Einstein was right. His theory of relativity says that so-called accretion discs form around black holes. This is matter consisting of dust and gas, which accelerates so strongly at such a high speed around the black hole due to its gravity that it heats up to millions of degrees and becomes so visible. However, this has not been possible so far. Strictly speaking, you couldn't see it because it even swallows the light itself. That means we see the shadow of the black hole in the middle of the glowing ring. In the middle is the so-called event horizon. Everything that crosses this horizon will fall after a certain time into the black hole. On the photo the lower part of the accretion disc is wider. This is due to the rotation. The disc rotates clockwise, say the scientists from the Event Horizon team.

The picture is a world sensation. It shows that black holes actually look like the research and calculations predicted and it really lives up to its name. It really shows itself to us as a circular black hole in space time. What we see here is real. Here we look at nothing but an image that doesn't reflect what we understand by space, i.e. living space. This is where classical space and time as we know them end. This is the first time we can see a real time machine with our own eyes.

One thing is clear: this photo is a milestone in the history of mankind and who knows, maybe there are things exactly in this discs of which we never dared to dream...


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People generally can not grasp how far this black hole is. To think what does "53 million light years away" means, makes me appreciate the work of 200 people that works at Event Horizon Project even more. I wasn't alive when they land on the moon, but i am glad that i am witnessing this event in my lifetime. There is a saying that "too late to explore the world too early to explore the universe" This is exactly how I feel right now but seeing this black hole image is a kind of a consolation for me.

Truly a historical moment and I'm glad that it happened in my lifetime. Now I wonder what the flat earthers think about this. Oh right, they don't believe that space is real and the photo of the blackhole is photoshopped XP


Beginning of new discoveries.

Will we ever find out what’s in it??

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thats the question @chritiands :)

You know, In every decade and century, according to the Knowledge, information, devices and equipment existing, we see, measure and analyze phenomena. So I think ,in future, by having more information ,better equipment and devices, we would be able to see phenomena like Blackhole in better and clearer way.


i hope so @itisnobody :)


nice shoot dude ;)))

It create new era in astronomy science.

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"First real image of a black hole" It is technically an image since many different telescope systems have been used to form an image of it, and then it was colorized to make the event horizon (which does not give out light) more apparent. So it shouldn't be called a photo rather; an image.


no, it is a photo and not a black and white mosaic image like you know it from some other nasa pictures. you should inform yourself more ;)

After passing longer decades we are able to see a clear picture of a black hole,in upcoming decade with better technologies hope in future it ll be studied better..

I can tell you that i am just hearing about the black hole for the first time. It must have been a new delivery

This is really inspiring article thanks for this kind of blog very interesting. @aendertuerk 🚀👍

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Supermassive black hole is looking like orange hole...😁😀 @oendertuerk

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I'm curious what the cost was. Yay! You found a black hole, but we still have real world problems to solve.

I have no doubt that Black Energy will play a great role in our science and tech world in the future. My reason for saying this is because Black Energy was shown to me in a very important dream long before scientists first saw it from a base in Chile.

At the time of seeing it I didn't know what it was until I saw a picture of it shown by the scientists who observed it for the first time from an observatory in Chile. The fact that it was shown to me a man who has been shown the future world order means that it is going to play a role in the future of the world.

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why not, it is possible

@oendertuerk, Black Hole with a smile. 😁😁

But this is stunning and good to see existence of it's visibility.

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The discovery of black holes is also a great advance in our understanding of the universe.

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Only one software, and then you find black hole. Amazing :).

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no one said said that there was only one software or one telescope or something like that. is that again some new fantasizing and fake rumors of the flat brain society? :)))

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If light even donot crosses from it due to its gravity. I want to know exactly how it is possible to take a picture of it?,or it captured by some device diffrent from telescope @oendertuerk


Actually they take picture of outside of the black hole. The inside the event horizon, not even the light can escape from its gravity, that is why we are seeing a huge black area in the middle. Outer photons are not yet consumed by black hole. The reason we can see them is they gain so much heat rotating around the black hole.

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