Are there higher Dimensions?

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Are there higher dimensions? A question that we have been trying to answer for a few dekades now, but nothing has been proven yet. And is there space without time or time without space?

Because of this, it has to be said that there is no real sequence of dimensions, which is why time, as most people call the fourth dimension, can also be the first or second dimension. And so far we only know our four dimensions, three spatial dimensions and one dimension that is responsible for time. And we can understand these four dimensions quite well. But there are more and more signs that there are more dimensions that we can't imagine.

String theory, for example, requires eleven dimensions. But the string theory is another very complicated chapter. In string theory there are also objects with 0 dimensions which have a one-dimensional extension. But if you are already worried about something like one or even several higher space dimensions, then at some point you might wonder if there is even another time dimension?

With a higher spatial dimension, it would therefore be the case that the space is simply connected to each other by another dimension. Although I don't think this fits into the context that our brain can't even imagine, something like a fourth spatial dimension, because it's only adapted to these three dimensions. Besides, we couldn't even explore something like a fourth spatial dimension. Since we ourselves are only three-dimensional beings and cannot somehow break out of our dimensions.


In mathematics, higher dimensions are no problem at all, because mathematics knows dimensions that go much further, but which can only be used theoretically and have so far no real practical use for us.

But why even think about higher dimensional eventualities? Why aren't we satisfied with our dimensions? The answer is simple: for example, there are forces that only make sense in connection with higher dimensions. Apart from that, the question remains whether space is possible without time and vice versa? Actually not, because if we really want to experience space, we would need time and vice versa, of course we would also need a place, a spatial dimension to experience time.

And then we come to the same result as Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity. He then came to the conclusion that space and time can never be separated from each other and form a related space time and, interestingly, this space time can also be curved. But this will be a topic I will certainly try to explain to you in another article.

But no matter if there is a higher dimensional eventuality or not, we won't really be able to imagine it, or better said: not yet, but perhaps later with time with more understanding o things.



Quit an interesting read. A question that keeps bugging me about dimensions is Spirituality and religion. How does religion fit in? It would seem as tho in the bible the whole time Jesus was here he was talking about (I would say) a different dimension. Other religions too like islam, etc they all converge to some world or dimension which they call heaven, hell, etc

Could it be that all along all this different religions have been trying to notify us about a new dimension we could experience after we die?

I personally see heaven and hell as a kind of metaphor. The construct of hell was first introduced by Dante into the abrahamic religions. Before that there were underworlds and paradises in mythologies. Maybe Dante had his basic idea from there.
and right, some religions like Islam and Hinduism describe other dimensions when you look at the scriptures with other eyes.
Maybe we go in another dimesnion when we die, nobody knows that even though the religions speak clear words about that. :)

Going with the possibility of stepping into another dimension upon death. Perhaps spirits that visit people are appearing from a "higher" dimension, and the way we see them is much like the way a 2 dimensional being would see a 3rd dimensional being, incomplete and mysterious.

Death is the ultimate puzzle. Hopefully technology at some point may solve it.

If not we will spend the next thousand years postulating theories in the dark.

What I find most interesting about this question is that we choose to use the adjective "higher" to describe these potential alternate dimensions. Are they higher? or lower? How about right here occupying the empty space between particles in our own dimension? I don't know.

Same thought.

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@lordless.exile Here we come again to the point where we are not (yet) able to determine them. But in general you are absolutely right - rhe word higher does not really fit, but it is often used.

Yes, I am realising it's a matter of language. We use the word "hierarchy" to allocate importance to things, even though being "higher" per se is nothing to do with it. But it seems to me that in seeking only for higher dimensions rather than "lower" ones, we seem to be making the assumption that this dimension is basically the shittest one. lol.

Hi there, I may not use the term dimension, but I would like to use the realm in describing such. I believe that we have different realms. The physical realm, tangible and seen through the naked eye - the human world. And the other one is what we called the spirit realm, the unseen forces but truly existing realm of the spirits.

Reply me some more questions.

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The unseen forces - how do you know they're there?

Even they're unseen by our naked eye, but anybody has that instinct when we feel evil surrounds us. Take the wind for instance, we cannot see nor hold nor touch it, but we can feel the presence of the air that's blowing, spirits are also like that.

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bought few books on theosophy but not easy to understand at all so still trying to understand all these dimensions

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I know what you mean @vangie, it takes some time to process it :)

yessss!! sometimes feel like reading some alien language haha

Go watch the videos and speculations on what's happening at CERN

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which ones you mean? the ones from youtubers who use spectacular headlines so that they can generate clicks? and who set up their own theories about things that have no weight? youtube is full of them, i know, but few are true, and those that are true, don't tell nonsense about dimensions gates and demons that travel through them... but about achievements in particle research and these videos are uninteresting for conspiracy theorists because they only tell the truth and not spectacular fairy tales about the end of the world :))))

I'm glad you pick this one up. You aren't wrong.

Most are click-bait, promoting their own agenda. While the truth is often borderline boring to those not in that field.

Most of those videos veer towards religion. And when it comes down to this, there are a whole lot more to explore, especially the Sumerian videos, which make one question the belief of the true God(s), really think about history and how humans came to pass.

I choose to believe there exist 'Higher' dimensions but maybe we're just not ready to prove/see them yet.

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@mrshev Sumerian history and mythology is a topic that I also find very interesting.
But the question is which god? According to sumerian lore, mankind was created by beings who came from somewhere else. Are they gods or only creators? I think one should differ. Because according to the lore, these beings also believed in a religion and in a god.

Most of Sumerian history was thought lost due to them being conquered, but was recovered and just being deciphered in the last years.

If those (technologically more advanced) beings created humans, do we worship them or the Ultimate God that created them, keeping in mind THAT God indirectly created humans?

If the above is true, then it does not take a God to create life, just science, like what humans are trying to do in labs now.

Hence the quest for the origin of life, also the one depicted in Prometheus. Very interesting topic indeed. So which God(s) do you believe in?

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I differ between Creator and God. Humans can create things, also life, see there women or femininity. Some animals can also create things. Artists create things. These are all creators but not gods.
God is something higher for me. Maybe the reality, the being, the universe, the space after the universe, the dimesnions etc. etc...

I believe in a universal God as he/she/it is described in the Hermetic.

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