Restoring Consciousness with Electrotherapy

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Researchers have developed a device that can rescue failing body functions with electrotherapy.

After having read the amazing book the Body Electric by Robert O. Becker I actually build a device according to his patents and tested it on myself, a wound. I thus build a breadboard and calculated the best resistance / resistors to have for stem cell generation. Boy, you learn a lot more by doing then just reading!

I have a picture but it is rather personal and #NSFW

I'm happy amazing research like his continues:

Patients lying in a vegetative statepresent severe impairments ofconsciousness [1] caused by lesions in the cortex, the brainstem, the thalamusand the white matter [2]. There is agreement that this condition may involve disconnections in long-rangecortico–cortical and thalamo-corticalpathways [3]. Hence, in the vegetativestate cortical activity is ‘deafferented’ from subcortical modulation and/or principally disrupted between fronto-parietal regions. Some patients in avegetative state recover while otherspersistently remain in such a state.

The neural signature of spontaneousrecovery is linked to increased thalamo-cortical activity and improvedfronto-parietal functional connectivity[3]. The likelihood of consciousness recovery depends on the extent of braindamage and patients’ etiology, but afterone year of unresponsive behavior, chances become low [1].

There is thus a need to explore novel ways of repairing lost consciousness. Here we report beneficial effects of vagus nerve stimulation on consciousness level of a single patient in a vegetative state, including improved behavioral responsiveness and enhanced brain connectivity patterns.

Current Biology 27, R979–R1001, September 25, 2017 © 2017 Elsevier Ltd.

PDF of article


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Interesting post, it reminds me of a topic I've been researching.
It's of a similar device and method that restores the consciousness of a dying person into a newborn.
It's possible that the elite have been using this to transfer their wealth and knowledge for many life cycles now through this unnatural type of reincarnation.

We all have lost consciousness that our brains can repair. This device you speak of could probably be used on patients with no brain damage and still produce a successful recovery.

Wow, what? :D Can you point me to your research?

great work @nutela
such work gives us hope for a better healthier future... thanks for sharing this

Thank you, I get a lot of research it the mail.

Sure...I know you love my recent health posts...check them out...

I just updated it @satchmo : )

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