Steem, Steemit, DSound, DTube, SteepShot and Zappl featured on AnswersWithJoe - an awesome YouTube channel which is subscribed by 82K geeks! :)

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Are you a geek? For sure I am! So, I am also a patron of few YouTube channels for geeks on Patreon. One of my favorite channels is AnswersWithJoe made by Joe Scott.

Last week Joe recorded a video about Bitcoin. In the meantime I had a pleasure to talk with him on Discord channel for patrons and explain to him how Steem works.

And Today I was surprised to see Steem described pretty well in his last video about blockchain ! :)

Steem is described at 5:40, but I really recommend watch whole video :)

If you didn't noticed, not only Steem and Steemit was mentioned, but also 4 other Steem services like:


And last, but not least... Joe just created an account on Steem - @AnswersWithJoe - please follow him! :)

100 reasons to start following Joe and to subscribe to his channel :)

Take a look on his videos :) If you are a geek, for sure you will love his content!


That's all, guys! And like Joe always says, I would like to wish you an eye-opening day :)

All rewards from this post, will go to Joe :)

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