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While buying strip of medicine your attention must have been dragged by empty spaces given in strip. Not only you, but so many other people notice same. It comes to everybody's mind that if these spaces dont contain medicine, then why are they made? There are some important reasons behind it.

1.This space prevents mixing up of chemicals of medicines which removes danger of reaction.

  1. It also protects medicines from being spoilt.

  2. This is used to keep medicines safe.

  3. Sometimes this empty space provides convenience in cutting strips.

  4. They are also made to carry strips of medicines anywhere.

  5. It also acts as cushioning effect.

  6. Because of this medicines dont mix up together.

  7. Because of these spaces, medicines dont stuck between packing machines.

  8. Its one reason is to increase print area as well.

  9. Many times, there is only 1 tablet in whole strip. In such situation, date required to print at back of medicine, compounds, expiry date etc. are required to be printed. For this, blank space is given. You dont see same in every medicine strip, only some strips show this.

  10. Many times, doctor asks you to consume medicine once in 7 days only, in such situation, these spaces are made to prevent cutting of strips and to decide fix dose. In such, you will purchase different medicines and your dose will remain same.

Now you know, why there is empty space in medicine strips. If you will watch such strips next time, this question will not disturb you. Kindly upvote, resteem and share your thoughts in comment.

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