These seven inventions can change the future .

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Scientists are new inventions every day. We are highlighting 7 such inventions that really have the potential to change our future.
History is a big strange relationship with science.
If the example of electricity is taken by humans, then the people spent thousands of years for light.
The science of our main history and the desire to know is a big odd affair. Due to this we have reached this place today.
With this awareness we can know today with knowledge of tomorrow and future fantasies. Keeping this in mind,
we are discussing some very new inventions which may prove to be revolutionary for the future.

Electro-telepathic communication

This is mainly used in science fiction. It is very easy as a concept,
according to which the ability to connect someone's thinking with another's thinking But today this concept is moving out of fantasies and moving towards becoming reality.
electro telepathic communication.jpg
An international group of neuroscientists, robotists, engineers, and researchers has made possible bran-to-brain communication. Although the project is still in the initial phase, people living in 8,000 kilometers away have successfully done this with the help of the Internet to do brain-to-brain things.

Hackable Quantum Internet

Online researchers are working on Lei Quantum Technology to secure the Internet. It has been called 'Quantum-Distribution or QKD.
quantum internet.jpg
The main basis of this would be that if someone tries to hack a quantum,
it will alert the users that their 'ki' is trying to hack. Research is still going on and that will probably change today's internet format completely.

Affordable nanotube hydrogen fuels

Fluctuations in fuel prices, reduced volumes of natural fuels, new sources of renewable energy and the impact of changing environment are threatening the global environment.
This situation is worsening in order to provide food, house and living for 7 billion people across the globe and are encouraging some new inventions in the form of alternatives.
In such a case, efforts are being made to invent the manufacture ofhydrogen fuel, which is cheap manfacting and cleanliness.
Rutgers University, New Jersey has discovered the method of separating carbon monotube from water by using water as a hydrogen fuel. Although it is still very expensive
due to the use of platinum for electrolysis reaction in the process of transforming the water into hydrogen fuel, it will not be so if it gets a new catalytist instead.

Liquid data storage device
We are surrounded by data and are mostly useless. It can also range from cell phones to cloud data. Finally, all the data is in solid form. In the recent Nano particle development, the University of Michigan and New York University discovered the technique to store data in the Liquid form.

Artificial Blood Supply

Blood is most important in the
human body, which is responsible for the flow of oxygen in the body.
If there is no need for blood, then no one can die.
The University of Edinburgh and Scottish National Blood Transfusion Services have succeeded in creating unnatural blood.
It has also been successfully used in the stem cells using O-Negative Blood.

Resizing robots
The metal structure of the robots hinders their appearance as always. United States's Max Planck Institute for Dynamic and Self-Organized and Stony Brook University has developed a material that will create robots soft.
This will make them cheaper and easier to use.

cancer controlling gene

Patients die more than AIDS. The most dangerous lung cancer is because of which 19% of the patients die every year.
The most dangerous part of it is that it spreads to other parts of the body. Scientists of the Salk Institute invented the DICDC1 genes which will prevent lung cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.


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