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 Man-made climate change can only be a belief. We can’t confirm anything without a control, since we can’t conduct a test with an identical Earth without humans we have no control to compare it to. Just because Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson want to shill for globalism and try to unify the world with this unconfirmed belief of man-made climate change doesn’t make it a fact, it’s only a belief, it’s becoming a cult-like belief that is laughable and should not be considered valid unless there is proof. Is the climate changing? Maybe. History shows that the Earth’s climate always has been changing, why wouldn’t this continue? Shouldn’t we as a species try to adapt and make good use of those regions affected by this natural phenomenon? Probably. It’s my belief that the goal of the narrative that’s is being perpetuated, man-made climate change, is to help to socioeconomic status of the few who can monetize on the movement to alternative power generation. 

Take a look at this if you know nothing 

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Good point and the only reasonable stance one can take imo.


Have you looked into the possibility of a magnetic pole shift influencing the location of the Arctic? It makes one of the most reasonable climate change theories I've read so far.

This is many other factors. I'm sharing my opinion on why i contest that "climate change" MUST be MAN-MADE. it most certainly could be changing for all kinds of reasons.

If by magnetic pole shifting you mean when the poles flip, that is not a contributor to our currently observed changes. It would/could be a contributor if and when the flip occurs, but it has not as of yet.

Magnetic pole flips can take hundreds of years to play out. If they were any quicker, then every 13,000 years or so the entire earth would be washed clean. Recent studies have suggested that we are currently in the midst of a pole flip, meaning climate change isn't entirely the fault of humans.
Now i firmly believe that just our presence on earth contributes to climate change, by adding anything to an environment we stimulate a small change. But i don't believe for a second that it can be undone by driving a prius.

Nobody is talking about undoing what has already been done, the discussion is about mitigating further effects. You are right it's going to take a lot more than driving a prius.

I thought the discussion was about whether or not climate change is man made, and why or why not.
Regardless of the topic it's still refreshing to have an educated conversation with you people.

You are trying to fight against the concept that climate change isn't entirely man made? Well you are in luck, because all of the data supports that. We only are one contributing factor. :)

Your double negative threw me off for a second.
Let me clear up my point. I don't believe humans created climate change. It's been happening for millions of years and human history can only be traced back a few thousand years. I believe it's a natural occurrence that we aren't helping.
To put it simply, if i cut off one of your arms today, then tomorrow gave you a paper cut on your foot, the biggest problem is still that you've got an arm off.

No, it can be tested and modeled. It is not a belief, it is indicated by available data.

Modeled like how we can not predict weather 24 hours in advance with models? Those models? Remember how devastating hurricane Patricia was going to be to Texas according to the initial reporting on the VERY inaccurate models? Models hold no weight in my book.

We predict weather quite well 24 hours in advance. It's also harder to model small pinpoint things (individual storms, especially hurricanes, since their movements and strengths are dependent on quite a good many equilibrium) then it is to model larger things (temperature over a state).

Models hold no weight in my book.

That's okay, they might hold more weight if you spent time and learned about how they work. Beyond this, weather models and climate forecast models are not remotely comparable in their construction (almost to the point of apples and oranges, sure they are both fruit but they are not similar), or function.

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