From Information To Consciousness

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The question ‘what is consciousness’ is the most challenging issue of the human brain yet to be resolved. It is true that efforts seeking the answers to questions about consciousness have mainly been considered in the field of philosophy until the 1990s

(Messages from the Brain Connectivity Regarding Neural Correlates of Consciousness. Jin S H, Chung C K. Exp Neurobiol. 2012)


The word "conscience" is part of the word, such as: life, death, soul, information that does not benefit from a definition. It was generally accepted, or have been proposed a large number of definitions which varies significantly from one source to another. The term of conscience, both in everyday speech and specialty and various dictionaries in general or branch overlaps, most often over the consciousness or wakefulness.

The location / place where they originate, at least apparently, all human creations in their first stage of existence, known idea or, more recently meme. Location / place of birth of the idea or meme is considered brain , the generation is thinking and process supervisor is consciousness.


1)...Due to its ability to give rise to spontaneous activity, the brain does not simply process information but also generates information.

2)...spontaneous neuron activity, far from being mere noise, is actually the source of cognitive abilities.

(György Buzsáki)

In order to systematize the knowledge of the information propose a short journey of integration. A journey into the realm of information, possessed authority memes, it should first start under the auspices queen-meme: "In the beginning was the Word". But not to be interpreted this as fantastic or metaphysical urge should it start with a brief respite initiation meanings of the route. But, above all, to accept that this text is a form of communication between author and reader and "the fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point either exactly or approximately a message selected in a another point.

The first word-indicator is information. There are many proposed definition of "information", which suggests that we are still searching for meaning and significance. Although, as will be seen further definitions are necessary until a certain level of knowledge. A definition might be: "Information is what it is." Passing over eventual formal look template, meaning this formula appeals to participatory attitude of one who analyzes the information in the message. Hence decrypt the message and meaning assimilation wore it depends on the ability to understand the message recipient. Another view of the significance of information could be obtained from meme (expression) "It from Bit", having authored by John Archibald Wheeler .. It "in 1989, gave his last memorable phrase: It from Bit. His vision was extreme. It was: information first, the rest later. 'In other words' he said, every thing (it) - every particle, every field of force, even space-time continuum itself - derives its function, meaning, the very existence ... of bits. Why quantized nature appears to us? Because the information is quantized. **The Bit is the last indevisible particle.**


Among the issues to be drawn from the explanation of which is considered as one of the greatest scholars, who managed the holistic integration of the results of scientific knowledge in general physics, is at about the nature and quantum information. From this it can be deduced that the quantum level, where the information resides, would be the foundation of the universe to which we belong. ** It is important to remember this idea later when capacity will be tackled brain (consciousness) to receive, process, absorb and generate information. It also can draw the conclusion that the information (bit) is not only the last particle in the sense of high to low, but is equally to the source or origin of each particle, force field (electromagnetic) and continuum space- time.** If I accept a possible similarity between the meaning and significance of the term information (Bit, the phrase "It from Bit") and Word (the phrase "in the beginning was the Word") I get a new dimension of human knowledge that could be a lever information for changing the face of today's world.


The term information includes a wide range of meanings, which increases the degree of ambiguity, resulting often drop understanding and altering communication, moreover, that the principles and laws specific quantitative some areas is incompatible other areas where the qualitative aspect, semantic is mostly. Regulatory function of information in electronic systems has other meanings in biological systems, confirming error mechanistic concept of "biological machine" . As a result, it requires a systematic semantic information, especially in view of the explosive growth of its use in the future. A special aspect which is becoming increasingly urgent is related to the entry in human systems with artificial intelligence, the various prosthetic components and especially neuro handling technologies.

Memes are seen as entities without support material information that are transmitted from one brain to another through language.

R. Sperry neurophysiologist: "The ideas beget ideas and contributes to the development of other ideas. They react with each other and with other mental forces in the same brain, the brain close and, thanks to global communication in the brain are very very great distance. And they interact also with external circumstances to produce overall an explosive advance of evolution, which is far beyond any have arisen so far on the evolutionary scene ... I will not hazard a theory on the selection issue ideas"

It is time to realize as soon as that information is a double-edged weapon, perhaps the most powerful in the universe and used in disharmony with his laws, can have devastating effects, including life as a cosmic phenomenon. This leads me to the conclusion that our universe is primarily informational - to the depository of information in deriving the laws of precise, even if we agree, sometimes formal, ideas like that life as a result of the chaos or a chain of abnormalities - is unitary and irreducible, even if we want or we tend to divide us so that we can consider "masters". Our status appears to be that the intrinsic components of the universe, perhaps the most beautiful, equipped with the power of creation, free will, and accountability in a hierarchical universe.


The present knowledge is heading Towards a non-mechanical reality; The universe begins to resemble ever more with a great thought than a machine ... The mind Seems No longer just in the realm of year intruder accidentally matter ... rather we look at it as the creator and governor of the physical.

(Sir James Hopwood Jeans. The Mysterious Universe. Cambridge University Press. 1930)

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