Chlorophyll and Its Health benefits

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What is Chlorophyll:

Chlorophyll as we know from science class is the natural occurring chemical in green plants that produces the green color in plants. Plants are classified as living things but do not move about like humans and animals to find food.

Chlorophyll helps green plants manufacture their own food using sunlight in a process known as photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a process whereby green plants and other organisms convert sunlight to chemical energy to produce food from carbondioxide and water.

Natural and Synthetic Chlorophyll:

Although naturally occurring in green plants which include vegetables and some certain algae as sources of chlorophyll, a synthetic form is made in laboratories known as chlorophyllin and exists in liquid form which is being sold commercially for over 50 years. Listed below are some of the ways humans can tap from the benefits of chlorophyll.

1. Fighting against Cancer

Studies have shown that naturally occurring chlorophyll and laboratory-synthesized liquid chlorophyll known as chlorophyllin can be us to stop cancer cell growth. Binding to potential carcinogens interfere with the absorption in the human gastrointestinal track. This helps to stop growing cells from circulating freely through the human body to reach other tissues, such as the ones in the heart or joints.

2. Liver detoxification

Chlorophyll protects healthy cells and bodily tissues through increasing enzymes in phase II biotransformation. Optimum liver health is promoted and the body therefore eliminates potentially harmful toxins in a natural process. Research work have shown that chlorophyllin increases the ativities of the phase II enzymes which inturn help to reduce risk of aflatoxin-induced damage in liver or liver cancer.

3. Speeds up healing of wound.

Chlorophyllin helps healing of open wounds by slowing down the rate by which harmful bacteria are produced. Hence making it beneficial for wound to heal fast and also prevent infections on the wound. Cholorphyllin is added to certain ointments to heal very stubborn persistence open wounds, such as vascular ulcer and pressure ulcer. Chlorophyll also help lower inflammation and control odors caused by bacteria accumulation.

  1. Weight control and improved digestion

Chlorophyll helps speed up elimination of waste and balance up fluid level, which in turns improves detoxification. It also has been proven to help reduce constipation.
A 2014 study conducted by the Department of Experimental Medical Science at Lund University in Sweden found that chlorophyll supplements taken along with a high-carbohydrate meal decreased feelings of hunger,elevated cholecystokinin levels and helped prevent hypoglycemiain overweight women.

  1. Skin Care
    Chlorophyll has been proven to be an effect skin care treatment. It is used for treatment of sores on the skin, acne, irritations cause by alergy.
    This is because chlorophyll has antiviral effect and its mild effect makes it suitable for natural herpes treatment.

I have used chlorophyll soap and oinment for facial treatment for acne, and it turn out to be very effective.

Despite all the above listed use for chlorophyll, the health and nutritional value of green vegetables cannot be overlooked. This is to say that Chlorophyll is an important chemical that is useful to human and other living organism.

I hope I have been able to share something educative with you today.
Thank you for reading.
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I know smoking chlorophyll is no bueno, it is harsh and dont taste good. But i do eat my raw leaves from time to time and it does wonders!! Great post.

Wow, so they smoke chlorophyll too? Thanks for stopping by.

No. But if you don’t wait long enough for buds to dry there will still be clorophylle present in the smoke.

thanks for the information bro :)

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