Thanks! Not everyone wants to read about worms. I appreciate that you worked your way through this long post and that you commented...rewarding.

your welcome! Its a scary stuff to read but i really find very interesting and cientific, so i like it the hole article!

I tried hard, and learned a lot myself.

I just read your post on Caracas (my Spanish skills allow me to read but not speak or write). A moving post.

awesome! well i try to create some english posts too my friend:
but the other post its about a contest, in spanish for milkbox comunity. but i try to create bilingual post, im musician and artist here, i try to dont speak too much about crisis here but its hard survive here, thanks a lot for check it out :)

You are welcome--We all think we are secure, but things can change very rapidly. History teaches us that. I'm sorry your country is experiencing crisis now. Art is a nice place to hang out, in good times and bad....

Yeah indeed, i try to transform all the stuffs in art, trying to think in other thing, cause somedays im very near to crazyness, but art can save us! bless and peace

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