what is philosophy?

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Philosophy is thinking and feeling
profoundly everything
get to the heart of the matter. Philosophy words
comes from the word Philo which means love,
and Sophos said that means science or
wisdom. Thus, philosophy means
love for knowledge or wisdom.
Poerwantara put forward a meaningful philosophy
the mind or the realm of thought. However,
not all think means to philosophize.
Because philosophizing is thinking
deep and earnest.
is the parent of all knowledge that has
material objects and formal objects, objects
the material is reason while the object
formal philosophy science is truth,
kindness and beauty
In research, the word object is
something that is the subject.
In the distribution the object consists
from material objects and formal objects. Object
material from a scientific discipline knowledge, this can be the same and mutual
relate between one science and science
others, as examples of medical science,
anthropology, psychology, history and
The history of history is the same
discuss humans as objects
the material. So it is sometimes referred to as
humanitarian sciences. Every thought
humanity has the potential to have history on
in it, always associated with patterns
the culture that surrounds it. History
philosophy is a report of an event
relating to philosophical thinking. start
from pre Greek times to times

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