Are we living in a Simulation? Elon Musk & Fermi Paradox

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After reading a recent post from a great Steemian @diana.catherine where she spoke about her 1st time experiencing virtual reality. I got inspired to write about and discuss this intriguing topic. The debate on Is this life "a simulation" or not.

Not a while ago I watched Elon Musk's Interview on the Code Conference 2016, stating he's opinion after someone from the crowd asked the question about a chance that the world we live in, could be a simulation. Elon Musk states in the video that, with the current rate of improvement in technology at some point in the future we will reach a point where Simulations will be indistinguishable from reality.

I agree with Elon, but we don't have no way of proofing that this isn't a simulation...We can just hope that the assumption that this life isn't a simulation is true.

Another interesting video that explains some of the interesting hypothetical "solutions" is the Matrioshka brain.

Structure built around the Sun harvesting it's energy while simultaneously sustaining civilization with the acquired energy and providing a "perfect" life where one could Live any "life" he wants of any length, where the whole civilization is living a simulation and they exist only in a "high tech" computer, where they are "uploaded", making them immortal.

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Imagine living any reality, anything you can dream of, even "creating your own universe within the simulation and giving yourself divine powers". If your interested there is a movie called "The Nines" discussing the possibility of a divine being, aka "God" living among us and that this world Is yet one of he's Simulations he's taking part in, I don't wanna reveal more, a must watch movie anyways, I highly recommend it!
But both of these face the same question we don't have an answer yet. Do technology borders exist and if yes, where are they?

What is your opinion on these and do you think there are alien civilizations out there? I'll be glad to discuss any of these in the comments.

Note: If your interested in more similar videos, visit the kurzgezagt/In a Nutshell channel on youtube, they explain some pretty awesome stuff as simple as they can! Also if your interested in more about the Fermi Paradox, watch both videos on kurzgezagt or you can read more in detail on the wiki. Also a blog update,from now on all image sources are accessed by opening the image in new tab.


I'll definitely consider watching "The nines" this weekend. Living in a simulation is possible, but I simply don't believe we are at that point yet. I'm sure in the future living in a matrix will seem more pragmatic to some. I sincerely hope to not live to see that. I prefer reality, over virtual, on the whole, even if VR nowadays is really entertaining, it should stay just as a way to improve and ease our daily lives.
As for your question, I believe that aliens exist. Not much to say about this subject, as I'm not well informed.
I enjoyed your article, makes you wonder about the authenticity of this world.

Living in a simulation is possible, but I simply don't believe we are at that point yet.

In the video, the man from the crowd proposes that "someone beat us to it", in other words that we are a part of someone's simulation. I'm glad that you'll watch the nines it's a really interesting movie and thanks for reading and commenting. I sincerely appreciate it.

simulation like matrix? i dont know but is possible, that we live in that.

This post is really interesting to me!

Hmmm... I had a discussion of sorts related to this with someone... can't remember who. It was here on steemit though.

Someone else posted a simulation related post.

There is definitely aliens. Sometimes I think they among us and could even be on steem harnessing the content. hehe. Tin foil hat

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