What makes hiccup occur?

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Most of you would have experienced hiccup in your life. In most cases it occurs while eating faster and it generally stops after drinking some water. However people don’t care or think why it happens. Every incident which occurs in this universe has a reason. Hiccup occurs when your diaphragm gets irritated. It is found at the bottom of your chest in the form of dome-shaped.   

In most cases diaphragm functions perfectly and assists lungs to inhale and exhale oxygen easily. But sometimes it behaves differently when gets irritated.  Due to irritation, the muscles of diaphragm start pulling and relaxing rapidly. In this condition when diaphragm pulls down, the air enters into your throat unexpectedly and when it knocks your voice box, your vocal cords lock suddenly and you experience a big hiccup. 

What makes diaphragm irritated?

Most Hiccups happen when you eat very fast or too much. Additionally, excitement or nervousness or irritation in stomach or throat can also cause hiccup. However it stays for a few minutes. But sometimes it remains for some days or a month. You shouldn’t avoid this condition, because It may be caused by some other health issues. So you need proper treatment to stop hiccup.  

How to get rid of hiccup?

To stop hiccup, you have several things to do such as drink water and hold your breath for some seconds. In my case, it always occurs when I eat heavy meas and when I drink water, it stops occurring. People also suggest keeping sugar under your tongue. They think it works. Fear is one more popular treatment to make you free from hiccup.

Source: https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/hiccup.html

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oh thank you for tips and maybe its working for healthy its rally helpfully
i hope everyone try this get good heath

They can be a pain for sure, LOL! Sounds like a muscle relaxant or antispasmodic would help. :D

Well I always thought it happened beacuse of lack of water in our body...
Thanks for sharing this...followed you :)