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A particle track, resembling those variously named as 'Strange Radiation', Erzions, Tachyons etc. was found on the otherwise completely homogenous glassy encrustation, that was formed, apparently in seconds, on the outside of the LION reactor.


Figure 1: Track was not identified until after reviewing initial SEM session

Video 1: We had excellent reference material to deduce the previous reactor orientation


Figure 2: Fortunately, the track was re-descovered and so more detailed images could be taken

Video 2: The LION tracks

First time ever, courtesy of the MFMP - Tachyons / Strange Radiation tracks in 3D!


Keith Fredericks at ICCF18 explaining how he derived his theoretical structure of the particles.

Video 3: Keith Fredericks and the structure of the Tachyon

Here is a link to the raw files and uncompressed full resolution composite

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If you can't observe Strange Radiation directly, then use silver sheet/foil etc. Strange Radiation appears to be neutral but seams to weakly interact with free electrons and so Silver may be the best bridge to normal Alpha/Beta/Gamma detection options.