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Suhas has shared more detail on his ECCO fuel processing.

Material quantities

About 200 gm of starting powders are processed to get final about 80-90 grams of pre-sieved powder

Fuel processing phases A and B

Here we show photos of previously undisclosed equipment which are large ultrasonic cups with a 200 ml capacity which are used with a closed lid so water is not lost. They are used in the first two process phases as detailed in this blog posting


Figure 1: Inside of large ultrasonic fuel processing cup

They operate at a frequency of 19.52 kHz and a power of 2kW for between 100 to 120 hours.

Figure 2: Overview side shot of the large capacity fuel processor

Remaining fuel processing

The remaining 80 hours or so of in-liquid processing (before drying and sieving) is done in the processor previously disclosed, in multiple divided batches

Video 1: An overview of the smaller fuel processor used for phase C onwards

In this device water is added through two holes and vapour escapes through these holes hence more water is required. As revealed before, they operate with 19.46kHz sound and a power input level of 4.5kW

Total process water used

Including the water used in the first and second stage and the water lost in remaining stages, the total water used to produce the final 80-90g of powder is between 1200 and 1500 ml.

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