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A masked Logitech C910 camera was exposed perpendicularly to the ECCO fuel for 145 hours.




Eight detections above an individual RGB level of 150 were made.
The pngs below have been cropped and colour adjusted for clarity from the raw images

The raw PNGs referenced in the table can be downloaded here for your analysis

ImageNameEvent atMaximum ColourNotes
170928040913685-ed.png17092804091368528.09.17 04:09:13R118 G144 B167-
170929102004200-ed.png17092910200420029.09.17 10:20:04R114 G106 B1523 for 1?
170929110807184-ed.png17092911080718429.09.17 11:08:07R106 G119 B176Muon on edge?
170930061442146-ed.png17093006144214630.09.17 06:14:42R92 G108 B180-
170930094916401-ed.png17093009491640130.09.17 09:49:16R160 G172 B209On left edge
171001121143216-ed.png17100112114321601.10.17 12:11:43R64 G101 B157-
171001223448488-ed.png17100122344848801.10.17 22:34:48R157 G159 B165Torus?
171002143017649-ed.png17100214301764902.10.17 14:30:17R120 G142 B187-

For more detail on the technique used, go here

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