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Over three weeks have now passed since the MFMP test team was on-site and testing the AURA reactor. Since that time, the volunteers on the team have been catching up with their day jobs and family responsibilities. Some like Alan Goldwater and Bob Greenyer went to the excellent Asti CMNS (Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) conference in Italy to represent our work and learn from others in the wider field. In addition we have been working on other MFMP research threads, such as ECCO, NOVA, HOMO and the 'Life Changes' (Biological Transmutations) research threads - more on the latter in other posts.

Further testing of me356 reactors

me356 was asked, after three weeks, if he had a chance to:-

  1. process fuel for longer period of time
  2. test this fuel in AURA
  3. test his previous reactor

All with the calorimetry equipment we left with him.

The short answer is no.

The long answer from me356 himself is...

Response 1:

Regarding processed fuel - the reactor had a core breach after partially melted heater which is not possible to repair. So the reactor is useless and we are working on the new one.

So there were two leaks in total, but we were able to replace the leaking component (so just core breach now)

Also I have found that the heating elements were manufactured improperly (all we have), but after some consultations and tests they started production of a new elements which should meet all our requirements.
So the reactors were not operating from this point.

Since this did not address section 3 above, we pressed him on that and he replied...

Response 2:

No, both new and old reactor were not running nor your calorimetry used.
The reason is simple. Once we had meeting with manufacturer of the heating elements we have been requested to ship the last heater and also the failed one we have had to expertise and investigation after operation.

This was absolutely necessary for checking why heating element failed during our test and there was a short and also for temperature sensor placement correction. It is very important part and should be solved as soon as possible, also due to safety. To avoid further issues they examined it and also they started to manufacture a new elements with necessary modifications as I said in the previous email.

Since the original (working) element still didn't returned we can't also run the reactor. Although the original element should be able to run once returned, we do not plan to use it anymore, since the new will be improved in few important areas.

As I explained in previous email due to core breach caused by failed heater the tested reactor is useless and all the work we have made was unfortunately wasted due to no time for a proper testing.

Since it is our priority to continue with the research it was also in our best interest to cooperate with the manufacturer as we know that solution and especially production of a new elements will take at least one month. Unfortunately we did not know they will need our element for such time.

As with many things, it looks like it will take a while before he is ready again, so, on Monday 26th June, Bob Greenyer will travel to his location to pick up the equipment so that we have it for ECCO testing in India. When back from India, the apparatus will be returned to me356, hopefully by then, he will be in a position to make effective use of it.

EDX testing of previous me356 reactor 'ash' samples

A session with CEPLANT at Masaryk University has been booked Thursday 29th June, for SEM and EDX evaluation of samples supplied to us from his previous reactors.

The purpose of this testing is to see if there is any interesting elements observed that may be attributable to some elemental transmutation. Most of the samples are wire, though there is some powder. We do not have a description of what each sample started out as, however, they are marked with things like "Ni" and "W H+" so there are good clues there. In reality, the data should give support to the notion that "Ni" might be referring to nickel and "W" to tungsten.

Development of the radiographic 10x8 inch plates


It is hoped that our tame, famous, Czech wet film photographer will be able to develop the negatives in the coming week. This may answer the question 'was the AURA reactor producing any high energy photons during the testing cycle?'

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