Prehistoric man

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The prehistoric man knows that he was the man who lived in the ages that existed before the invention of writing millions of years ago, and we say before the invention of writing because the beginning of history came with the start of writing in humanity. The specialists say that the invention of writing was in the Iraqi city of Sumer, This was after 3400 BC. The prehistoric era is not one era but it is several of the times that have been successive

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A prehistoric man discovered many things and tools that helped him in the future after he had used them in a good way. For example, he discovered fire and made pottery from clay. In addition, a prehistoric man took the caves that were scattered and scattered in the mountains and inhabited houses. As for the most important features that characterized these caves were that they were Is very exposed to the sun, but after the end of what is known as the rainy era moved and moved this person to the valleys, to begin what is known as the Stone Age old
This man used stones and columns to make the tools he used. He made the spear and fishing tools the tools of making clothes or the tools he used to melt the copper, and finally made the tools that he used in the process of domesticating animals
The point of separation of time was not primitive man feel comfortable where he needed to write what information he had to become negotiable and mobility among people, began to write what is known as graphic writing and includes several types, including hieroglyphics and cuneiform writing where spread The first in regions such as China as well as Egypt while the second expanded in the Assyrian and Babylonian regions. After that, a distinction was made between the graphic writing and the stage in which the era of writing the ideas began, where this stage is more advanced than the previous stage and is the stage of graphic writing, and was based on the symbols very much, and then the symbols turned to sections, Then, the signs were used to indicate the sounds, which is what is known as the letters. The writing has developed in many areas, including Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Phoenicians

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