Scientists are measuring the 'happiness' of dolphins

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Scientists are measuring the 'happiness' of dolphins


Dolphin in the urine park. A group of scientists from France have worked to find out how the animals feel. He is currently researching dolphins in a marine park near Paris, the capital of France. The goal of these scientists is to measure how happy the marine mammals can be in contact with the people in captivity.

The French scientists claim that in a three-year study they found that marine mammals await deeply to meet people who know them. Applied Anime Behavior Science magazine published an article on this. Scientists at the Animal Behavioral Laboratory of Paris University are conducting the research under the theme park researcher Isabella Kleig named "Park Aceticus" in France.

Isabella Clegg said they tried to understand the behavior of dolphins during the research. The study found surprising results. Most dolphins are anxious to communicate with known people. Scientists have observed the dolphins' physical manifestation of the dolphins and their performance in keeping pace with their activities on the water surface. In the study, they found that dolphins became more active in the presence of known people.

Arguments have been going on long enough for animals to be in captivity, it is not right or wrong. Especially in France this debate is more. The French government recently canceled a proposal for sanctions on the breeding of marine mammals in captivity. Regarding Park Acetics's Dolphin archive director Bridget Marsera said, the wild is beautiful in the forest. However, the dolphins born in captivity loved captives more than marine life. According to him, the boundaries of the life of dolphins born in captivity are limited to prisoners.

But Susan Shulz of the Marine Biology Specialist of Manchester University of the United Kingdom does not agree with the researchers in France. He said, as happy as the dolphins in captivity, will certainly be happier than it is in the open. The information that the dolphins expect from the people in the study of the dolphins is important. That is not to say that it will not take if dolphins are allowed to be released.

According to UK charity company Whale and Dolphin Conservation, at least three thousand 'teeth whitened' whites in 50 countries worldwide are in captivity. Dolphin family members. But Isabella thinks the number of Clegg numbers is even more. According to him, more than 5000 unregistered members of the family of the animal kingdom are in captivity.

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