How big is the human brain?

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How big is the human brain?


Let's compare a bit between people and blue whales. Man how small a creature And the blue whale is the world's largest creature. Its average weight is 170 tons. But behind a blue whale of people in a place. That is the brain. The proportion of body size is smaller than the whimsical brain. In total, six-seven kg But weighing 50-60kg of human body, weighing one and a half kilos of the brain!

In terms of brain size, people are different from all other creatures in this world. Humans are the only vertebrate animals, whose brain size is the largest in size. The human brain is the most complex, neuronic density is also more. And with this advanced brain, the world is ruled by two people in the world by losing blue teim.

But the human brain is so big? Charles Robert Darwin is a vague answer for the sake of the evolution, but it is not perfect. The topic is, scientists have done extensive research on this day. Now some of its results have started to come. Recently, two researchers from two scientists have found that a special gene has caused the brain to be so big and complex. There is evidence of using other animals in the body.

The details of these two studies have been published in the 'Cell' magazine. A research team led by David Hassler and Santa Cruz The other was under the supervision of Pierre Vanderhagen, a biologist of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium.

According to a report published by The Economist magazine on research, researcher David Hassler and his team conduct tests on one species of mortality. In this, there is a new type of genes available. This gene is Dance 2 NL (NOCCH2NL). Researchers say that this gene was not found in the test monkey body. Not only the monkeys, chimneys and gorillas, these genes have not been found in any other animal DNA of the world. They are found in the human body
The nipple nylon 2 NL (NOCCH2NL) in chimpanzee and gorilla is completely inactive. But people are active. It has created three versions in evolutionary terms. These are A, B and C.

Nine genes of these three versions were also of two extinct species of humans. These are the Nyanadarthal and Denisovans. Researchers believe that, from 30 to 40 million years ago, the ninety two NL (NOCCH2NL) gene started to be active and since then, the life of the species of the human species began on Earth.

David Hesler's study found that the number of nuclei 2 nL (NOCCH2NL) increases. The absence of these genes is a normal increase in the cells. But the number of cells in nucleus 2 nol increases. The number of brain neurons also increases. And that's the main reason for the human brain to grow.

The study of biologist Pierre Vanderheggen also found the effects of the same gene. In these two separate studies, it has been proved that the role of genes named nont 2 nal (nontchh 2 nl) is the most important factor in the development of the human brain.But why is it, that is, the process is not yet known. The mutation process of DNA is continuously occurring. Large brains play an important role in the process of mutation.

But there is some problem in big and complex brains. Happers kept in the head while getting a big brain. Because, big brain nutrition is also more. The interesting fact is that the ninety two nal (NOCCH2NL) genes are believed to be active 30 to 40 million years ago. Since the beginning of human development as an animal, it started. But it takes a lot of food for the big brain. Before 10 thousand years ago, when agriculture was created, people were very rare but before that. As the food supply increased, the intelligence of the people began to fall!

Just how human brain has developed so much - its perfect analysis is still unknown. The invention of the device can be an explanation. Analysts say that, through the recent innovation, another new horizon is revealed in the study of human brain. Over time, one day people can know the whole mystery of their brain.


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