The Key to Tesla's secrets

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Many wrongly assume that Tesla had some secret. He didn't. And he wrote about his ideas very specifically but in a way that many people, for some reason, overlook. In this short post I will give you the key to understanding his work and from there I will show you what he wrote and how he wrote it.
Tesla Key

This 'secret' is explained in the following articles and lectures:

  1. 1891-05-20: Experiments with Alternate Currents of Very High Frequency and Their Application to Methods
    of Artificial Illumination
  2. 1892-02-03: Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency
  3. 1893-02-24: On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena
  4. 1905-01-07: The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace
  5. May 1919: True Wireless
  6. 1929-09-22: Nikola Tesla Tells of New Radio Theories
  7. 1930-07-06: Man's Greatest Achievement
  8. 1932-09-11: Pioneer Radio Engineer Gives Views On Power
  9. 1937-07-10: Prepared Statement by Nikola Tesla

In these articles Tesla tells about the ether, which was considered to be a homogeneous fluid filling up all space. And it was assumed that this also was the primary cause of electricity. But that can not be the case, according to Tesla, for electricity is caused by a gaseous medium (which he often refers to as "the medium" instead of "the ether") which is also filling up all space but has very different properties.
The ether can not be compressed, but "the medium" can be compressed, just like any other gas. It has a volume (capacitance), a quantity (charge), a pressure (voltage) and most importantly, it has a property that no-one seems to ever consider, it has a temperature. It, or electricity, largely follows the laws that apply to all gasses, with some extras because of the electrostatic attraction and repulsion and induced magnetic effects.

Electricity is a gas

When you compress a gas, it gives off its heat to the surroundings, and when you suddenly expand it -such as in an airco or fridge- it cools. Exactly the same goes for electricity and it can be shown with IR-thermometers.
The voltage (pressure) can be increased by decreasing the volume (same charge in a smaller capacitance), increasing the quantity (more charge) or by raising the temperature! As crazy as this all sounds, it is actually true and it gives most elegant explanations for many known phenomena, as I will show in future posts.

In Tesla's high voltage experiments his aim was to create an as high as possible pressure in order to create an as rapid as possible expansion (=discharge resulting in cooling).
This too I will show in future posts. For now, just let the idea sink in that electricity is caused by a gaseous medium, and I promise it will all become clear....

more to follow...

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Nice write up! Skeptics are always quick to point out "you can't get something from nothing!" . Problem is, they haven't been taught that the "nothing" is the "medium" which is filled with unlimited energy!

Correct! And that "nothing" charges up our atmosphere, which in turn becomes a battery that we can connect our equipment to.
Glad to see that people start to understand this work!

It is sad to know some people dont even heard of Tesla.