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I want to share some links with you in which you can search for scientific information in different areas.
Essential and of interest to researchers and academics:

62,000,000 "liberated" scientific articles: Sci-hub

The current website address is:
Obviously there is constant litigation from Elsevier who seem to object that their scam is under threat...
They don't seem to understand how the internet works ;-) information wants to be and will be free!
Check the sci-hub facebook group to keep up to date about the latest website address

Disciplinary Repositories:

Arxiv. : Physics, Mathematics, Informatics and Quantitative Biology.
Pubmed. : Medicine
Cogprints. : Cognitive science and psychology.
E-LIS. : Library and Information Science

Other unique files:

Dialnet. is a collaborative project that includes bibliography and Spanish journals.
Hispana. is a project of the Ministerio de Cultura that collects the Spanish cultural digital objects, like press or photography. They also contain cultural objects, as well as collecting metadata.
Europeana and Collections of Museums of Spain
TDR or doctoral theses in network gives access to the text of the Spanish doctoral theses. Similar to the international Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations


There are international directories of OA magazines, such as:

DOAJ. and databases such as:
WoK. provide lists of the OA journals it includes.

Of them we highlight a few of interest for doctoral students:

  • For Europe: is the collector of European repositories and allows the simultaneous consultation of some 2942 repositories of 38 countries with more than 20,788,396 documents.
  • For everyone:
    OAISTER Check out all OAI repositories. Redirects to the particular repository that owns the document. It contains 23 million records and more than 1000 collaborators.
    OpenDOAR It is a directory of open access repositories. We can look for the repositories on a topic but also the contents of all of them at the same time.
    Scientific Commons Contains around 20 million records
  • For Latin America: Scielo recently included in WoK
  • For Spain: Recolecta search in all national scientific repositories

I hope it helps, if you know of any other Reply.

Information is power!!

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Will this be like the LBRY library thing? Good. Interesting. Awesome. Thanks for writing. Thank you.


Thanks for you comment!!!
I did not know LBRY but I'll explore it :-)

Access to information and knowledge is power, indeed! I know of many of these sites, and am glad there are more for me to explore. Great list! Thank you for sharing it.

Thanks, resteemed so I could keep track :)
Here's an interesting link for anomalous but well recorded scientific data:
The researcher William Corliss passed away about 6 years ago, and this site was never fully developed. I've read most of his books over the years and corresponded with him a fair bit in the 1980s & 90s.
It's sad that many of his books are now out of print, as this is the sort of project that is necessary for an open science to question itself:


Thank you very much ... Good contribution !!

That's very helpful, thank you for sharing!