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RE: Xenoestrogens #1: Natural Estrogens and Estrogen Receptor Signalling

in #science4 years ago

Interesting topic! I am currently "inventing" water filters to get rid of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) such as biphenols and estrogenic compounds using an enzyme from a fungus that eats trees haha! Sadly my cellulose still has not arrived and I only got one month of college left.....Thank you for this post, EDC contamination in water is not yet dangerous for humans but messing up fish. Anyways, a topic which should get more attention. Cheers!


Ty for commenting. Yes, the environmental hazard is another important issue with EDCs. As estrogens are produced by all vertebrates and even some insects, the possibilities for adverse interactions with those species are omnipresent.

Your project sounds like it would make a fascinating post all on its own.

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