Human made Climate Change may be older than you think

in science •  16 days ago

There are still people that believe climate change is a Chinese Hoax (despite China being the number one on regenerative energies) or that humans cannot change something as big as an atmosphere (despite being able to overfish whole oceans).

But putting aside the ostriches, climate change caused by human activities may be older than you think.

The phenomenon called “Little Ice Age” has long been a major point in climate “skeptics” arguments that the temperature changes have natural causes.

But that has several conceptual problems. First of all the time of the Little Ice Age is not defined. The length of what is meant differs between one century and four hundred years. And there were several causes that had this effect combined.

In this time several solar activity minimums took place and several huge volcanic eruptions had blasted a lot of cooling material in the atmosphere. (Compare with the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, which led to the “year without summer”. 1816 saw snowfall in June in central Europe and, caused by the weather, the birth of literary creatures like Frankenstein and a predecessor to Dracula.)

All agree though that the temperature minimum was around 1600. The problem here? Even all those natural effects combined do not fully explain the cooling at this time. Especially not the decrease of CO2 in the atmosphere.

But now scientists have come up with a solution to this, that fits perfectly with all known evidence: humans.

More exactly it was the huge amount of native Americans that died during the 1500s because of diseases, war and slavery. 10% of the world’s population died in a (historically) very short time.
While some of these people still lived as hunter-gatherers, many were agricultural societies with extensive farmlands.

The area under cultivation is estimated to be as big as France. And now comes the important point: After the collapse of those societies (about 90% of people died!), the land was no longer used for farming. Nature took it back with vast, high growing forests.
And what do forests do? When they grow, they take CO2 out of the atmosphere.
That explains the drop in CO2 levels and the last part of the “Little Ice Age” cooling.



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Unfortunately, CO2 is a trailing indicator.
Temperature goes up, CO2 follows.
Temperature goes down, CO2 follows.

Unfortunately not only did the UN fuck up everything for everyone by their "man made global warming" "study", but there are many other assumptions that are wrong.

You can only get to correct answers, from a faulty starting point, by accident.

There is a group that has been studying sun spot activity as it relates to weather. And this group has bet on the next years weather and won every year. (as apposed to the UN simulations which have failed every year)

So, what is important about the Grand Solar Minimum?
Why are ALL the planets heating up? (man made global warming on mars?)

Further, what if the earth is a different shape than a ball? This changes all the formulas that the UN has been using. How exactly i cannot state, because those "UN scientists" haven't released their formulas so that anyone can review them.

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