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RE: How Can We Generate Electricity At Night By Thermoelectric Effect.

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We would have loved to support this within the SteemSTEM project. However, the image accompanying your post does not look to be free to use. Please consider changing it if you wish to fit the SteemSTEM guidelines. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Hello @lemouth thanks for considering my post for steemstem acount. I change my picture. The picture is taken from please have a look. Next time i post from

Hello @malay11. This post is interesting for sure. However, I am not so sure about the copyrights of the image used. The pin you mention belongs to the following website. They don't specify their image use policy, however you can see a copyright 2019 logo at the bottom. It's best that you check for the license of image you want to share. You can go through this link for checking the copyright guidelines -

If you have any further question, you can always ask us on discord.

Thanks for updating and your understanding!

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