Is it possible to repeat the scenario of air pollution Beijing 2008?

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In 2007, Beijing suffering from a poor air pollution episode that’s killed about 350,000 to 400,000 persons as an estimated from (The World Bank) due to the high concentration of air pollutants. (PM10) - Particulate matter 10 micrometer or less - is the major pollutant of air. PM10 particles are generated natural and anthropogenic sources, dust storms and sand moves are the permeant natural source. While, Fuel consumption in motor vehicles or power plants, industrial production especially cement and limestone production, as well as waste incineration are the most anthropogenic sources of PM10. The seriousness of this pollutant is their effects on the respiratory system, this is because it can reach to the lungs and leading to many health problems which can develop to lung cancer then death and it measured by the concentration of their particles in a cubic meter of air. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refers to air with PM10 concentration over 150 ug/m³ as unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. Beijing 2007 has reached to about 250 ug/m³ of PM10 in their air as an annual average.

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