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Good evening, Good morning, Good afternoon everyone! :D
This is Kyriakos Kyriakides, founder of Team LEGACY, your Mentor and Coach! Usually the content I talk about is Motivations, Inspirations, Advises and Tips about Life and Business. For those who don't know, my Background before become an Entrepreneur is Computer Science. So, from time to time I love also posting and talking about Computer Science topics! Today is one of those times as I am going to talk about a very interesting subject on the field of Computer Science, and Technology in general!

Being an entrepreneur in our times is simpler than ever (and I am saying Simpler, NOT Easier)! Many people from years to years, became top Entrepreneurs, Millionaires, or even Billionaires by just creating an App or a Software. Some example of those people are Mark Zuckerberg the Founder of Facebook, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy Founders of Snapchat, Jack Ma Founder of Ali Baba, and so many other Entrepreneurs around the world! All of them are with completely different backgrounds! The only Common Knowledge that all of them have, is Programming/Coding. All this people, had just an idea, they learned how to Program, and they developed their idea to a real App or Software!

There is a quote that I really love and I want to repeat it: "Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. ", was first said by Steve Jobs (The Founder of Apple).
To learn Programming today, is so easy, and of course with so many resources it's Almost Free! You can learn any Programming Language you desire, with just watching Tutorials, on Youtube, or Google, and it will cost you very little money!
In this article we are going to discuss the advantages and the benefits of knowing how to Program, and also I am going to give you some advises about Programming Languages and tutorials! You can easily learn those Programming Languages and use them for your own benefit!
First, let’s go to explain exactly what Programming or coding means.

Explanation of Programming:
Before we explain what Programming is, we have to explain what Algorithm means.

Algorithm is a sequence of steps, that you write down, in order to solve a problem. Usually this problem is a Mathematical Problem, but now, the use of algorithm expanded in all the Topics.

Programming is the process to implement the algorithm into a functional code. This code will be our program that will solve the problem we have or will help us with a task. Now, to convert your algorithm into a real code, you need to know a specific Programming Language.

Programming Language is actually another program that gives you the ability to implement your algorithm and create your program. Now, there are hundreds of Programming Languages. There are a lot of differences between them. Now, what language you are going choose, it depends on what you want to create. For example, if you want to create a Data Base for your company you will use a version of SQL for example, if you want to create a game you can use Java (or other languages), if you want to program your website you will use a version of Javascript, CSS, HTML, and so on.

So to create your program you first write down your algorithm, implements the algorithm into code, using a Programming Language, and then you have your program! Pretty easy, right?? :P

Now we are going to discuss some benefits and advantages that you have if you know how to Code.

Benefits & Advantages of Coding:

  1. First of all, let’s explain the quote that Steve Jobs said. "Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think ". To Code a program, first, you have to think the steps that the process will follow. Above, we called this as algorithm. When a problem appears you have broken it into smaller problems, find the solution to each one of them and then combine all of them together. That’s the general theory of how to think of a problem when you Code. So it will be easier for you to write down the steps that your program will follow in order to solve the problem. Now, when a problem appears in your life, you will think it with the same way as Coding. By thinking in this way, it’s easier for you to solve the problems of your life. But even if it’s not a problem, if it’s a task that you have to do. As in program, you try to implement the most efficient way for that task, so you will think in your life. As you see, by knowing how to Code then you can also structure the problems in your life, put them in order, and solve them.

  2. A second benefit of knowing to Code is the mindset of always becoming better. You see, in Coding, a Program you always want to make it faster, cheaper and more efficient. Even if you created your program and is functional, every bit you want to improve it, for your own benefit. You will try to make it faster, cheaper or more efficient. Well, this stands also for business. Let’s say that you have a product or a service. If you don’t always improve your product, then your competitors will take advantage of it and will be better than you. So with that thought, you always want to make your product cheaper, faster or more efficient. So we come to the conclusion that, knowing how to Code, gives you the mentality of always improving yourself, and your product!

  3. Another huge advantage that I think it’s very important for today’s day, is the Curiosity that you develop when you Program. When you know how to program, you actually know every single small detail about that program. By seeing something you don’t understand, then you want to learn about it. You want to see how it works, what it does, what it does not. Also, when they explain something to you, and the explanation doesn’t satisfy you, then you want to search it on your own. Learn on your own if it is actually true, what you’ve been told. And this is when you gain confidence. You get confidence about the knowledge you acquired, and the wisdom that you received from searching the True. Coding actually teaches you this, every time you try to Code a Program.

  4. A fourth benefit that I want to discuss today is related to Entrepreneurship. Nowadays, if you know how to code you can start your own business with a zero budget, literally!!! Yes, that’s true. By knowing Coding very well, you may be the next Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook), or Larry Page (one of Google’s founders). All you need is a good idea. You see, technology gives us the opportunity to create something new. You see there are many business ideas that you can start if you know how to code. You can start selling Softwares, selling websites, selling mobile apps and more! And all of this without a budget, just with the knowledge of coding. Coding is a superpower that anyone can gain!

There are thousands of benefits and advantages you have if you know how to code! Next, I am going to give you some advice about Programming Languages and some tutorials.

Programming Languages:

I am going to talk about some of the most used Programming Languages today, and their use purpose.

  1. Javascript: As I mentioned above, javascript is used to program a website. More specific with javascript you can manipulate an image (edit, delete, etc), create a form for your website and make any changes you want to the content in your site. Maybe your heart that in the Web we use HTML. HTML, simply put, is the whole program to create a Web site. Javascript is a very big part if you want to create an HTML page.
    A really good tutorial to start learning JavaScript is at this link:

  2. CSS: Cascading Style sheets, it’s the another language that is most used in creating the HTML files, and therefore a website. CSS is used to create a document that has written ten in HTML.
    A very good tutorial for starters, where you will learn CSS is:

  3. Java: Java is one of the most useful languages to learn (personally I believe is the most useful). With Java, you can learn to do a lot of different programming ways. You can create applications, games and more.
    Java is a very big language to learn, but if you want a good start to then start this tutorial:

  4. Python: Python is a very easy to learn language. Python, like Java, it’s more for general purpose. Again with Python, you can program a game, an application, calculation program etc.
    If you want to learn Python then start this tutorial:

You see, Coding is a very big subject. We can’t discuss everything about coding in one Article. Coding opens you new opportunities. You have many advantages and benefits for your life. As technology grows up, knowing how to Code, I believe, is like knowing how to speak English. In my personal opinion know how to Code is more important than know how to speak English (Even if Coding is in English, most of them :P)
Technology like it or not is in our lives and will stay forever! So, instead of running from technology, blaming technology for the dangers that came with it, why don't we see the advantages, the opportunities, and the benefits that it has? Learn now how to program, or get into technology, and after few years you will be very thankful that you did it! Join now your superpowers and start building something huge!

And a very important advice for the people that have the entrepreneurship in their blood, being an entrepreneur in Technology in general is the best field! As Bill Gates said, "If your business is not on the internet, you will be out of business!" And I want to make more general this quote! Being in the Technology as a Businessman, you have more chances to succeed! Know how to code and program, gives you the opportunity to join the world of entrepreneurship! There are also more ways that you can become an Entrepreneur that are even easier than learning how to program, but we can discuss them later on in another article! For now, my advice to you, learn Programming! Even the basics! You will be thankful after years! :)


Stay tuned, because time to time, I will also post articles about Technology, Trends In Technology, Announcements and News.
I will keep posting Motivations, Inspirations, Tips and Advises, about Life and Business as my main topic, and I will also add in my Brand the Technology!

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Love you all, and wish you only happiness! ❤❤❤

Your friend and brother,
Kyriakos Kyriakides
Founder of Team Legacy


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Awesome so how do i start without coding knowledge?


Hello @mysplendor!!!! I am glad for your interest to start learning programming! You can find hundreds tutorials on the internet, Google or Youtube. My advice you can start on the links that I suggest above.
If you want a general knowledge my advice start to learn Java, or Python as Programming Language. Because when you know those you can do everything. :)

Check the links for Java and Python in the article to see if you can learn from them ^_^

Ohh very interesting. I once tried to start to learn python but I was very busy back then. I'll maybe try again.


that's a great idea!!! 2-3 hours per week, in 1 year you will have a huge knowledge for python!!! :D
for starters you can check the tutorials on the link above!