Human Genes Mutate Slower Than They Used To

in science •  20 days ago

The speed of changes in the humane genome has slowed down significantly over the last several million years.


At least this is what a new study tells us that studied the primate evolution timeline. The data was acquired thanks to genome sequencing of human, chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan families. Human families showed about one third fewer mutations.

This is quite a significant slow-down of mutation rate and could be a reason to take a serious look at the genetic history of humankind. Plus the information could prove beneficial towards wildlife primate conservation work.

The rate of speciation that can be calculated based on the study much better corresponds with the rate of speciation that we see based on known fossils of our ancestors. It could also mean that we might have to change to estimations for when we diverged from Neanderthals.


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That is only if you assume that all changes are done through accidental DNA mutation. That the human time lines is as stated. And that we all evolved from a single prehistoric source.

I agree with none of these assumptions.

There have been at least seven advanced civilizations on earth before ours. The previous one, that we have records of, had flying saucers and deep earth mining.

There isn't any known accident that changes 24 pairs of chromosomes into 23.

There are many species on this planet that have many signs of not having evolved here.

Further, when we start seeing new species come into existence, we will throw all of this drivel in the trash. We have only experienced species disappearing. We haven't watched the opposite happen.

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