American Children Are Looking Up How To Get Vaccinated Without Parents Consent

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Cases of parents preventing children from getting vaccinated even if they want to are becoming more common in the United States.


In the beginning of this year, an epidemic of measles has broken out in the Portland area. While this was the largest epidemic of this awful disease in the past twenty years, but similar epidemics are getting quite common in the near past both in Americas and in Europe. And we do know the reason.

The epidemic in Portland was mainly located in Clark County. And Clark County is one of the hotspots for anti-vaxxers. The vaccination rate against measles is a measly (forgive the pun) seventy-eight percent in Clarck County making it too low for herd immunity to work. Latest news record 43 cases of measles, usually children whose parents haven’t had their children vaccinated.

Vaccinations have saved millions of human lives since it was introduced. And many more have been saved of long-term effects including horrific things like disfigurement. Yet the numbers of people who don’t want to vaccinate of people is increasing. And if children want to get vaccinated in the United States they need the consent of their parents. And that can be actually pretty hard.

Recently pretty absurd situations started to appear. Question on how to get vaccinated against the parents will are posting questions on social media sites like Reddit. And while it make sound funny, it is no laughing matter. In the end, most of the children who ask these questions will find out that they can’t do much. After they reach sixteen years of age, they can speak with a doctor privately but they still need consent from an adult to have medical procedures performed in most of the states.

Their only option is to pretend they are adults. There are many posts with fates of people who done that. Now we can only hope that the anti-vaxx movement will stop being a thing as soon as possible.


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