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General description of the project
Bitcomo is a decentralized network of CPA affiliate marketing with pay-per target action (Cost Per Action) performance based technology stack(S2S pastback) on blockchain technology.
Decentralized network between advertisers and publishers through caching, and logging of clicks and leads, key statistics, personalized nodes in the blockchain operator MetaHash(fork of Ethereum — ERC20). It is a basic principle of protection against fraud and concealment of data on actual transactions from advertisers, or making unrealistic target bots in the traffic of publishers instead of real users.
This principle is aimed at developing a new level of confidence, the relationship of publishers and advertisers in online advertising, making the most beneficial model of affiliate marketing, CPA and lead generation is even more attractive to Top advertisers and publishers for its transparency in every action and transaction.
An additional advantage is the increase in a guaranteed profit later, and trust from publishers that will immediately attract a huge number of followers of this model of affiliate marketing instead of existing now implemented only on the basis of postrekov. Being popularized by the publishers, this model will attract the most traffic of the Top publishers in the advertising network Bitcomo, and later, and Top advertisers all niches and industries.
Subsequently, Lead generation CPA affiliate marketing pay per targeted action is so popular due to the open and real as well as larger payments for actual sales of products, registration, resources, download product, or any other target action, which are inherently real results and real income for the real action that is and remains the most profitable affiliate marketing scheme for publishers and later, and for advertisers.
Many of the publishers today prefer regular payouts via wire transfer, paypal or any other payment systems, a simple transfer of funds in cryptocurrency.
The root causes of this are:
— no high fees for withdrawals
— tax-free settlement system
— transparency of each transaction
— understanding what a CPA is paid money (without the indefinite and often unjustified payments for impressions or for clicks on banner ads, the earnings being substantially lower than in the standard models of CPM or CPC).
In this model, management of advertising campaigns publishers are pleased with the earnings for the actual results and manually doing this business for the optimization of each creativity and focus on the main and most interesting result for the advertiser is Lead Generation. Only with the right targeting on the right audience, at the right time can Lead to targeted action.
Have Bitcomo there is a possibility of development of the project, we have independent expertise in the management of advertising projects and one of the most successful CPA network in the world — AdCombo, but we believe that it is fair to give everyone the opportunity to invest the contribution in the development of this project and join the crypto revolution by making another industry 100% transparent due to this. After the investment period, the accumulated tokens can be a source of passive income spent on an advertising campaign or sold in the internal store token MetaHash, which is our own blockchain provider QPS — frequency and transaction rate of more than 100 000 per second (which exceeds hundreds of times the speed of others available on the market today blockchain operators Waves or Ethereum), created by our partner project, and a staff of talented developers from DSP AdSniper. In this store tokens, token holders “BM” at any time to exchange our tokens for any of the top Fiat and crypto currencies.
Forming a decentralized organization, Bitcomo is formed as a unique platform that combines the best principles of DAO(digital decentralized autonomous organization).
The basic principle of decentralization in the platform is an open platform for advertiser and publisher to independently work and do business without the involvement of third parties and staff of the organization. Self serve platform is being developed with the ability for the advertiser (Producer of goods or services, Smartcontract project or ICO) to manually create your offer for publishers with favorable terms, targetingami and settings, and publishers to choose from a list of industry offers the most advantageous offers promotional products and start their promotion for permitted advertisers targeting and settings to optimize and get the maximum profits for themselves and subsequently for the advertiser.
Distribution and description of the issue “BM” token.
— MetaHash partner and provider of blockchain on their own servers and external with the development and distribution of tokens among its holders, miners, and between advertisers and publishers.
Optional our site are logged, only the official data on-line transactions, clicks and leads, over the past stage of time.
Anyone can download our software from their profile and authenticate the transaction by recording each encrypted in a public and open source specific clicks and leads by deploying on the server the software.
— Tokens VM in % :
25% apply to the ICO with the aim of raising capital for network development,
65% is stored for distribution within the network — for payments to publishers and excretion in sales in the domestic store provider blockchain.
10% is divided between the advisers and founders(in fact remain on the balance sheet of the company and will exchange the same)
— Pricing of the token BM:
The total number of 500 million
Price 1 token 0,30$
Post ICO, the price at which BM will be paid to the publishers, to share in the store and on the stock exchanges, price guarantee token starts from 0.40$ (previously saved 65%)
Decentralization in the management of, the holders of the tokens from the position of the ICO.
Along with the exchange of a grocery token, and with the ability to use the benefits of network BITCOMO, the participants and the ICO investors get the opportunity to participate in managing the network to influence specific stages of development of the network and desire to participate in the resolution of any open issues and steps, fully focused only on the development of the network.
This possibility is made in the inner platform the ICO page on the platform store tokens and presented in the form of open voting.
In order to build a DAO model, the team has brought decentralization and the management of the company.
Alert holders and token investors of the holding and the start of open voting for the adoption of any large-scale decisions in the management of the organization and any controversial situation.
Suggestions for the polls, the organizers of the project, we leave this up to the team Bitcomo, but guarantee execution of the development according to the Road Map and on the basis of a majority vote.
The voting model is also implemented based on the MetaHash blockchain operator and our main partner of the project, on the principle of confirmation of the token holder in 3 easy steps:
— voting is a transaction to verify the user in the amount of 0.0001 BM token
— take voice
— tokens come back with the wallet vote.
Symbol: BM
Total amount: 500 millions
Total Sales: us $37.5
Token price: 0,30$
BM will be tradable on exchanges and our own Tokenstore inside platform. We are currently in discussion with Bittrex, Coinone and Huobi


Bitcomo是一个分散的网络的注册会计师联盟的市场营销与支付每个目标的行动(每行动成本)基于性能的技术堆(S2S pastback)在区块链的技术。
分散的网络广告商和出版商之间的通过的缓存和记录的点击次数和领导、关键的统计数据、个性化的节点的区块链操作员MetaHash(叉的复仇—ERC20). 这是一个基本原则的保护,防止欺骗和隐藏的数据对实际交易,从广告客户,或作出不切实际的目标的机器人在交通的出版者而不是真正的用户。
一个附加优点是增加一个保证的利润之后,并相信,从出版商,将立即吸引一个数量巨大的追随者的这种模式的市场营销,而不是现在才实施的基础上postrekov的。 正在推广的出版商,该模型将吸引大多数交通的顶部出版商在广告网络Bitcomo,后来,顶级广告商的所有领域和行业。
在此模型中,管理层的广告活动,出版者是高收入的实际结果和手做的这个业务优化每个创造力和专注于主要的和最有趣的结果,广告商导致产生。 仅有正确的目标上正确的受众,在正确的时间可能导致有针对性的行动。
有Bitcomo有可能发展的项目,我们已经独立的专业知识的管理的广告的项目和最成功的一个注册会计师网络在世界AdCombo,但我们认为,它是公平的,得到大家的投资机会的贡献在这个项目的发展和加入密码革命,使另一个行业100%的透明由于此。 后的投资期限,累积的标记可能是一个被动收入来源花费在一个广告或销售在内部商店的令牌MetaHash,这是我们自己的区块链的供应商QPS频和交易的速率超过100 000元的第二(其中超过的数百倍的速度,其他人可以在今天的市场区块链运营商浪或复仇),创建由我们的合作伙伴项目,以及工作人员的有才华的开发人员从DSP AdSniper的。 在这家商店的标记,标记的持有人"BM"在任何时间来交换我们的标记用于任何顶菲亚特公司和加密的货币。

基本原则的下放权力的平台是一个开放平台,广告商和出版商以独立地工作和做生意没有第三方的参与和工作人员的组织。 自我服务平台目前正在开发的能力的广告者(生产者的物品或服务,Smartcontract项目或ICO)以手动为你提供用于出版商有利的条件,targetingami和设置和出版商,以选择从清单中的行业提供的最有益提供宣传产品,并开始促进对于允许广告针对和设置,以优化和获得最大的利润,为自己和随后的广告。
BM将是交易对交流和我们自己的Tokenstore内部的平台。 目前,我们正在讨论与Bittrex,Coinone和火币

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ICO-sturtups are promising many good things in the future, not only profit. We should maintain new technologies

The project provides a solution to all major problems traditional CPA has.
Also, it paves the way for blockchain technologies in online advertising which will be a new trend soon

One of the main advantages for me is that BM will increase the trust between all participants of the transaction. Thus, the Blockchain Business Model will make clear and transparent all the details of any deal.

High speed of transactions looks very attractive and i hope for it`s realization

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