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RE: The Most Dangerous Ant in the World

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WOW! In your "well known intensive" kind of reserche and writing you wrote a complete article about ants in hospitals! So i am glad that Germany is not on your list - or did i missed that part? I would never have thought about ants being a danger for humans in any way... Amazing animals! Resteem!


Hi @kadna, I've started looking at ants again for a follow-up blog. One of my first searches this morning was in German (because you asked!!). This article popped up about ants in Dusseldorf. So much useful information remains...but the work is challenging, particularly if readers require that I do research in other languages 😁

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Thank you so much! I don't require more research!!!! I think you have much to do.with your follow-up and as I know you it will be a deep search and another million-words post to write hihi ;-)

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It probably will be...already searching in French and Italian--and I don't even know those languages :))

Hihi - go to Paris and get help from your brother ;-)
Is it all about yourself being interested or do you use it for business? I like to see you reward - it is pretty good, isn't it?

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I will never spend crypto. I am old--my financial future is behind me :) If I make money, it is for my children. If I don't make money, then I am enjoying myself as a writer and researcher. This is my one life. I hope to make the best of it. So I research, write and try to be effective as a human being. I mean, what else is there?
Meeting people like you, from parts of the world I will never visit again, is a miracle to me.

I'm editing this here: My brother is a successful business man...I am not so successful. However, his success was hard won. A story I wrote here tells something about his childhood.

Thank you for telling your story and telling about your brother (the story is excellent- I like your writing)

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I love to write stories, but science articles get more attention. Thank you for liking my story

Hello, @kadna. HaHa, I couldn't stop myself! I just kept going. I did look for Germany--I'm sure it's there, but I only looked in English. I will search in German, and if I find it, I'll get back to you. Thanks for the resteem and for plowing through this long, long article :))

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