As above, below: scientists find that there is a multidimensional universe inside our brain

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It is clear to say that the brain is a very elaborate structure and as theology progresses, new disclosures of this type emerge.

Experts have made a sensational discovery, since scientists have discovered that the human brain houses structures and shapes that have up to 11 dimensions. Neuroscientists welcome the discovery by saying: "We found a world we had never imagined."

Mathematical methods of algebraic topology have helped researchers find multidimensional geometric structures and spaces in brain networks.

According to experts, a new study has shown that the human brain houses structures and shapes that have up to 11 dimensions.

It is estimated that human brains harbor 86 million neurons, with several connections from each cell in all possible directions, forming a super-extensive cellular network that SOME make us capable of thinking and awareness, reports Science Alert.

An international group of scientists gathered around the Blue Brain project has obtained results never before seen in the world of neuroscience, according to the study published in the journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. This team managed to find structures in the brain that present a multidimensional universe, discovering the first geometric design of neuronal connections and how they respond to stimuli.

The scientists used in-depth computer modeling techniques to understand how human brain cells are able to organize themselves to carry out complex tasks.

The researchers used mathematical models of algebraic topology to describe structures and multidimensional geometric spaces in brain networks. In the study, it is denoted that the structures are formed at the same time that they are intertwined in a " union " that generates a precise geometric structure.

Henry Markram, neuroscientist and director of the Blue Brain Project in Lausanne, Switzerland , said: " We found a world we had never imagined. There are tens of millions of these objects, even in a small patch of the brain, in seven dimensions. some networks, we even find structures with up to 11 dimensions ".

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